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Thread: Why make software open source ?

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    Why make software open source ?

    Why make software open source?

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    So that people can 1) learn how to code by example 2) be able to modify and change programs how it suits them best and 3) so that more than one person (even thousands) can work on software at one time simultaneously thus making it easier to find bugs, come up with new ideas, and implement those ideas.

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    Its always good to be open with everyone in every which way. Let people fondle you, it doesnt hurt that much. You can always find the source of your openess at the bottom of every liver, like a bird is to a crowbar. To quote the great Tu Pac, STFU mon. Jeudaisim is by far the best option, as chicken is considered to be wrong. But the muslims may also be correct for not eating the pig. But why? Why would they do such a thing? You can only find that answer through vigorous self fondling.

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    ideas spawn more ideas = progress

    its much easier to build upon an idea then come up with a new one. when somwone comes up with a new idea they've usually pretty much popped their cookie except for the exceptional few that can run with it. some are self centered and will not share these ideas with anyone. they want all the credit (which of course is their right) and will stop anyone from improving their idea unless they get credit for that too. the idea stagnates.

    open source gives the greatest base to build upon. if every new programmer had to start from scratch we wouldn't get very far.
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    It is the same idea as why don't we live under communistic rule. However since we don't and we have the freedom to believe what we want and pursue happiness our rather young nation has grown rapidly and we have developed alot of new technologies quickly it is the freedom that does it. Likewise, I think this carries over into every area of a persons life even computers.

    Also you can more easily manipulate code. This means that bugs will be found more easily along with ideas (just like our young country). And others will build upon others.


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