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Thread: Are the Kiddies Growing up?

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    Are the Kiddies Growing up?

    Just checking firewall logs and in past 3 hrs have only had 4 port scans - still 4 too many but is it just me or is it starting to get less frequent? when i first started spending long periods of time online it seemed as if you were constantly getting scanned!

    Are the kiddies finally wising up and realising its lame? Is sub7, bo2k etc dying out?

    or ae they just being replaced? there seems to be a higher instance now of DDoS than there was before - are the kiddies changing from trojaning people to seeing who can collect the most zombie computers?

    perhaps now with the advent of the likes of kazza making p2p file sharring easier they are too busy downloading p0rn and *shudders* good charlotte to be bothered with the lame script kiddie attacks?

    has anyone else noticed this drop of in lame activity - or have I just been lucky tonight


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    I think p0rn has just become more accessable to them, and they don't have as much time to be bothersome....
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    Nah, here's a funny think on Unerror IRC that happened. Of course, most of you know ^sWift, well, he claims that people are script kiddies for using other people's software, anyways here's the link

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    I have'nt had a port scan in a while besides from kazza. I dont take to kindly to port scans to begin with,Im one of the last ppl you want to port scan.
    I take a port scan not as just being rude but as a threat on my life. Once I get the scan in my log I declare war.
    The things that really pisses me off the most are the kiddies from oriental nations. Who know there not going to get their services taken away probably because their in a coffe shop.

    (opinion)Hacking is not just limited to computers, even though the media hypes it up like that. Lets look at this for a minute, Who are Hackers? here is a few but you will get my point:
    a mechanic - very knowledgable of cars.
    a Doctor- knowlegde of the human body
    Lawyer - knowledgable of laws
    and the list goes on and on. What I am guessing the question is asking is are you a /cracker/phreaker/script kiddie?Cracker - cracks code to gain illegal access to a computer
    Phreaker - manipulates the phone co. for free services
    Script Kiddie - just browses the internet picking up code that someone else has written and learns to use it to possibly crack a system.

    These are the total ignorant people that have no clue as to how computers operate thus ending their butts in jail(T33KiDD). oh and also the Warez Pup, I cant believe I almost forgot about them... these are the guys that pirate software...personally I really dont have much against them, only because some of these companies are charging too much for some of their software.
    I just think that most of the script kiddies are on the Xbox ,ps2 ...ect...these days. Maybe the capture of T33kiDD sent a message to the kiddies.
    But anyway, thats my $.02 worth

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    I don't think that they're growing up, you've just been lucky. I had stop Zone Alarm from doing visual alerts. ZA kept popping up so much I couldn't look at pr0n... Google kicks ass.
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    !mitationRust, thats the problem... it never had anything to do with computers to begin with. Its really just a bunch of random peaple looking to tag thier name on something. Weather it be source code comments, a defaced page, a message on a answering machine, & (ect). So really and truely it doesn't matter because they all share the same quests for braging rights & not to mention lameness.

    Also... If browseing the web for open source software to run or edit makes you a script-kiddie then doesn't that make a large portion of linux & the open source scene in general just canon fodder of kiddies fallowing each other's path? When you read programing books do you not read the book then implement what you have learned and what is this difference between that & some Joe Blow cutting and pasteing from code snipplets off some site?

    Face it... it all has nothing to do with computers. Its all about feeling "above" the other guy then looking down on him or her and yelling the word kiddie or gaining popularity and respect or 15 seconds in the news. Anyone who feels a need to label themselves hacker/cracker/phreaker or whatever in order to feel better about themselves or to fuel their interests in something probably never had a 'true' interest in technology or whatever it to begin with... oh and they should either be locked away or shot.

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    LOL.. 4? Where are you...? I just checked my logs.. because I have my alerts disabled.. and I have over 300 port scans 'attempts' and ping requests in the last 1 hour..

    Grammatical error...
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    Well at my college, before I reformated my com I was getting some big ass port scans. Kids here really don't worry about being stealthy. I used to get 1000-13000 from a single person. Now I just get my school's NETVIEW checking for p2p's.
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    I am totally ignorant about this sort of thing, but I am getting hits on ICMP2048 at the rate of around 1 per second?

    I am getting hits on TCP2685, 445, and 135 at about 1 every 30 seconds. your machine switched on



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    yup comp is on

    but i just seem to be getting alot less port scans than before - only 1 in the last 40mins

    right enough tho the firewall is blocking like 20 inbound connection attempts every minute - but they could be anything not just kiddies


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