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Thread: Red Hat users. What are you going to do?

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    Once I actually get some free time from school, I plan on setting up a Suse box, Smoothwall, gentoo, and something else that I've never tried before.

    Any suggestions people?

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    I think I'm going SuSE. I'm not sure though. I'm also considering Slackware. I'll probably just go with SuSE though. I kinda like having a nice box set. It's just another cool thing to have on my bookshelf.
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    Ok, I just installed Suse 9 Professional. Having only installed RedHat 9 it is a pretty easy install and from what I have seen so far its pretty easy to configure. You can control everything through the control center and the YAST modules are almost like Windows wizards but better. Patching SUSE was really easy and in the install process it asks you if you want to install all updates. (I dont miss the reboots in between patches) Anyway, I am going to get back to messing around with the system.
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    I don't use redhat at all on my desktops, work and home are OS X 10.3 now. But we do use Redhat 9 on several servers, and Redhat AS 2.1 on one server. All are going to be upgraded to REdhat EL ES 3.

    The move kinda pissed me off, but then I stepped back and thought about it, and I think it makes sense, not just from a business perspective for RedHat, but for the Open Source Community as a whole. I won't get into a big argument here, but, I think it is going to be a good thing over the long run.

    As for you SuSe switching folks, I wouldn't get too attached now that Novell is in the picture with them. I have no idea what novell is going to do with them, but, just dont get too attached.

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