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Thread: A 'brain charger': The ultimate PDA accessory?

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    A 'brain charger': The ultimate PDA accessory?

    For those cynics who said nothing new would be unveiled at Comdex, South Korean start-up DreamFree counters with the Peeg, a peripheral for PDAs that is said to stimulate brain activity.
    Get the whole story.

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    Yeah, I remember those from about 10-12 years ago. They were a product sold through MLM. One of my ex's demo'ed one for me. All hardware, with a proprietary "black box" with embedded processor and PROM, cables and headset.

    Supposedly did the improved brainwave thing. All I got was a headache.

    Oh, yeah, and they sold for about $500. So the price has dropped, but not much considering.

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