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Thread: installing different OS with win

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    installing different OS with win

    hello guys,
    Which types of operating system we can install with windows
    please explain.


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    Maybe you can clarify a bit what you want to do. If you are talking about repartitioning your harddrive and having a dual boot system you have your choice of a few different operating systems. If you are talking about systems that you don't have to do anything like that, then you are a little more limited, but you still have options.
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    If you are talking about installing different Operating Systems on different partitions, with Windows in a separate partition--the answer is dependent on how large your hard drive is and how many partititions you can make on it.

    You can set up a multi-boot to many versions of Windows, Linux, WinNT, Win2K, WinXP, DOS, whatever you have the space for. They won't all be able to see each other's partition. For example, booting to DOS with a FAT32 partition will make the rest of the drive invisible.

    You can have more than one install of Windows on one partition, as well. Each install can have a different hardware configuration, have different sets of applications installed, different network or dialup configurations, and different user accounts. But, still share the same partition (different system directories).

    Does that answer your question?

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    Pretty much anything can be installed alongside with windows. It's just a question of how. Before you insall a second OS, make sure you either already have a second partition available to install it onto, or if not, defragment your drive and then create one.

    If you're installing another Windows OS, you can just install it over the existing one, if you're not too picky about how the boot process works. The Windows setup program will automatically install a bootloader so you can boot each operating system.

    If you're installing a non-Windows OS, it's a lot more difficult. Same thing as above, have another partition available, or create one. Most Linux distributions nowadays will handle the bootloader for you and automatically configure it. But make sure Windows is installed first, otherwise installing Windows will overwrite your bootloader and your other OS will be unavailable.

    I'll list a few resources here that really helped me out.

    Understanding Multibooting by Dan Goodel

    Win95 + WinNT + Linux multiboot using LILO mini-HOWTO by Renzo Zanelli, courtesy of the Linux Documentation Project

    How Do I Partition My Drive For Linux Use? by James Andrews, courtesy of LinuxPlanet

    And right here at AO, you can see this thread by cgkanchi.

    If you were a little more specific, people might be able to help you out a bit better.

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    3,839 < you always can use the VMware workstation, costs money though.

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    D*** that is pretty expensive just to have a dual boot Memory. cheaper solution: go to the nearest college and ask the one of the TA's for an old hard drive. Or even better, go buy like a 20 gig for less than 50 dollars if you don't want to repartion your existing harddrive.

    But a little warning: if you do decide to repartition your hard drive, if it is on the same partition as your existing OS or on a hard drive w/o partitions, and you try to create a new partition, your old OS is going to go to that big place in the sky.
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    If you are going to install another OS on the same hardrive and you only have one partition which fills the whole harddrive, then you can use FIPS to split the partition in half or however you want to split it. First you want to boot into safe mode in windows and run defrag. This will put everything at the beginning of the drive(I think). Then you can just run FIPS and split the partition to make room for whatever OS you want to install. FIPS preserves the data on the existing partion. You can obtain FIPS here:

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    D*** that is pretty expensive just to have a dual boot Memory.
    It's not for dual booting.

    VMware Workstation runs multiple operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Novell NetWare, simultaneously on a single PC in fully networked.
    Let's say u want to test new hardware you want to test if it is compatible with more then one OS you install a guest operating system and see if it work on that one ... log onto Linux on the same machine and test it ...log onto Novell and test it there's easier to test software and hardware with a few machines

    VMware Workstation gives students the freedom to experiment with new applications or tools. With undoable disks, they can try "what if" scenarios without the worry of trashing the test system or having to rebuild it - virtual machines can be restored with a mouse click. Instructors/corporate trainers can create a library of pre-configured training environments, easily distribute them to students, and can quickly restore machines to a clean state for their next class. Sales and marketing professionals can distribute demo software without installation or compatibility problems and demo complex or multi-tier applications on a single laptop.
    Also you do NOT need to partition your hard drive . VMware uses your computers file system and creates files that map on a virtual machines disk drives. And you do NOT need to boot can change systems with mouse clicks.

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    I want to ask dear installing the operating system windows with other OS in

    dual booting such as

    windows+solaris so on

    with which OS(non windows) we can make dual booting windows is compulsory.


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    This is what I understand from your question.

    Which OS other than Windows can you install and succesfully Dual boot?/

    I think thats right lol

    Virutally any *nix OS out there will dual boot with windows.
    Just read what everyone else said.

    I'm sorry I can't understand you, but your english is kinda hard to understand.

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