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Thread: zonealarm sucks

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    zonealarm sucks

    Ok have just tried the free version of zonealarm and have never had as many problems with a piece of software before!!

    first of all as soon as instalation finished - it crashed computer
    then i rebooted - but because was set to run on start-up computer crashed as soon as loaded

    went in under safemode - uninstalled zonealarm and rebooted again
    this time computer booted fine so went to go online - adsl established computer but every time i tried to use a browser etc couldn't get through

    though maybe drivers for modem got buggered uninstalled & reinstalled them - nope no dice

    it appears even tho i had uninstalled zonealarm it was still blocking all ports (as hadn't been configured before crashed)
    so had to reinstall zonealarm
    then go in under safe-mode so i could run it without it freezing computer
    turned off all protection - uninstalled zonealarm - rebooted and now running fine

    such a ****ing handling

    anyone else had problems with it??

    /me goes back to outpost


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    I had the same problem when I tried it a year or so ago. Installed it, crashed all the time, unintalled it, still crashed all the time. A component of it stays even after you uninstall it, and that is what causes continuing problems after you think it's gone, or so I've read. I forget the name of the file off hand. Apparently there was a version that really did not get along with XP. I've heard that the newest version doesn't conflict anymore, but I'm also into Outpost now.
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    Yep, same problems...when it worked, it worked great...then one day..POOF! I know on one xp system I was using, ZA stopped playing nice after some critical update or other...

    On the second xp box, one day it just started fuxoring up...never did figure out why (not that I spent alot of time on it)..

    I have a WinMe box that it's been working on just fine. I never read anywhere that some versions don't get along with XP, but that's been my observations. I'm assuming since this is a new thread that you tried installing a recent version?

    Was XP's firewall also on by any chance?

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    I run XP home and had the free version of zone alarm running for over 6 months and never had a bit of problems with it. Have that new CA EzArmor now, and it looks like a early version of Zone Alarm Pro, and it appears to be working fine.
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    well am running 98se - so is not an XP prob
    but i thik i won't be installing that firewall ever again
    outpost does everything zonealarm can do and more - and i have never had a problem with it - tried the pro trial and worked like a dream - am using the free version atm...not quite as good but still easy to use and no probs - think am going to buy pro tho


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    i had problems too, on windows 98 SE, so i switched to Tiny Personal Firewall, and worked fine. i like it better than ZoneAlarm. it's small, fast, and secure. try it out vanhallen, i'm not sure if it's still available, if not pm me and i mail u the exe file. see u around!

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    I have never had any problem with ZA on XP or 2K. I think it works very well and does a good job.


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    I'm not using ZA at the moment and I must admit I never used the free version on my boxes but I never had a problem with ZAPro on XP... the g/f has been running the free version on win98SE for the last 6-7months and she's not had a problem.

    Maybe Mars was in trine with Saturn and conjuncting with Pluto when you installed it - it's all witchcraft anyway... oh... hang on I know what happend val... you remember that period of hightened solar activity we had recently....


    PS seriously... some of my friends use ZA too and I don't think they have had any problems... but then again I've never been able to get ICS working on any windows computer and I'm told it does work - I guess some software just doesn't work on a particular system for some very weird reason. If it ain't doing its job then use something that you trust more....
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    Always had problems with a certain ZoneAlarm version (don't recall the correct one) and Win2K service pack 1, because of those problems I switched to sygate. Don't know about recent service packs or ZoneAlarm patches.

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    Ummm i use zonealarm and never had a problem once i got it configured properly. I was wondering why u felt like you needed to say the f word in you question, kinda pointless...
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