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Thread: Google style search engine

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    Google style search engine

    Hi y'all.

    Im currently working on a new portal site, and i'm searching for a search code to enter that can be as effective/quick as google. I've done my homework and researched around, but i found nothing that would fit my needs. If anyone can help me i'd appreciate it and put a shout out on the 'credits' of the site... don't wan't to steal anyones ideas

    thanks in advanced


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    I found this as the action of my school's search function form:
    They must have something at google that you can sign up for which allows you to sortof map your sight with them and use their search engine. If you go to the link it allows you to search UTSA but the domain is google. You may want to email someone at google and ask about this. Here is my school's webpage:
    I was just looking at the source for the search function and I saw that the action pointed to the google domain.

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    Are you interested in just implimenting something like this, or creating something like this? Sorry for my confusion. =)
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    Implementation would be my first choise because i'm on a tight schedule, but creation isn't out of question.

    h3r3tic thx for that one, i done some research and if you pay something to google , they give you a "mirror" like that on your UNs site.

    I wanted a search engine that would be (+/-) the same speed as google..i'll try to research for a php seacher like that.

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    hmmm google huh.. do u know that google use 4000++ of pc for thier search engine? its just like one huge supercomputer.. they use PVM (parellel virtual machine) to make that 4000++ pc merge to one. no wonder the speed flsh like lighting..
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