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Thread: I'm scared

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    Originally posted here by the_JinX
    try JAP

    as all other tools, it's not full proof, but this one actualy comes close..

    JAP is free and cross-platform (java application)
    it sets up a local proxy and transmits all data (requested and received) encrypted..

    As a friend of mine told me about security.. You might not be able to stop them, but you can slow them down..
    Would you really trust a program that the developers installed a backdoor on?


    A little too shady for me...

    After reading about it on the lists... I'd never trust them again... not that I'd trust any proxy for that matter...

    Besides... if you are the suspect of an investigation... they (in the US) can use carnivore... doesn't matter how many proxies you use... the data will still go through your ISP at some point. It HAS to... to get to you. Mabye encrypting the traffic? Or, connect to another machine via ssh or something of the sort with remote desktop and surf from there?

    Attention! The first release of JAP is downloadable free of charge and already protects your privacy against most observers like your ISP, your network operator, or your boss. However, this version does not yet achieve the full security and anonymity that we strive for. It does not protect you against an adversary who has the capability to observe all communication links on the Internet.
    In other words... use this to be around your work filters and etc, but we can't protect you from the law.
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    I'm a privacy nut.

    Literal Privacy is an impossibility. ANYWHERE. Even if you run off to a desert island, miles from no one, and spend your life in a cave, They can still see you. Satelite's can track heat emission's, I'm told you can even photograph the newspaper on your kitchen table and be able to read the whole story from space... Although how true that is I don't know.
    The web is the same, You cannot hide, no matter what you do, someone DETERMINED enough to find YOU can find you, no matter what.
    However, They'd have to really care to hunt for you through the BILLIONS of us online.
    Thats not to say there aren't people out there determined enough... Currently the RIAA for example...
    But the problem here is, whether or not we have a right to privacy. The answer is No, we have no right to privacy, Technically we have no RIGHT to anything, Its all provided by our government. However, do we desire our privacy as much as say, our food, our shelter, our lives? Probably, in most cases. The arguement "I'm not doing anything illegal, so why should I care?" is ridiculous. I'm not doing anything illegal when I go to the rest room, I'd still rather have my privacy. Online is no different, Sometimes you say things, do things or keep things that, Though by no means illegal, Are still things you would rather not let people other than those you are currently with, know about.
    There is an old poem that runs something along the lines of.
    When they came for the jews, I said nothing, For I was not jewish.
    When they came for the Blacks, I said nothing, For I am not black.
    When they came for the indians, I said nothing, For I am not indian,
    When they came for me, there was no one left to say anything.

    The same applies here, If we do not stand up now and fight for our right to privacy, then they will slowly take ALL our rights to privacy away, And do you want camera's in the rest rooms?

    But still, there is no privacy, and you can be tracked down. But, as a poster above said, You might not be able to stop them, but you can at least slow them down.. And if you make it hard enough work for them, most of them will just get bored and go away. Unless you are REAL bad, in which case they might take the time and effort.

    I'm willing to let complete criminals talk about whatever they wish, So long as I have the right to do the same, its the risk you take for your freedom. And freedom is not free, no matter how you take it. */

    And that is my two cents. Personally I use Privoxy ( and sygate ( But thats not great privacy, just average... It works...

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    [pong]When they came for the jews, I said nothing, For I was not jewish.[/pong]
    [pong]When they came for the Blacks, I said nothing, For I am not black.[/pong]
    [pong]When they came for the indians, I said nothing, For I am not indian,[/pong]
    [pong]When they came for me, there was no one left to say anything.[/pong]
    [pong]This quote is beautiful. Oh yeah...and this pong feature is really cool too [/pong]

    Ok the pong is giving me a headache. I'd have to agree with you b1c. Although...the idea of having a camera in the bathroom is kinda turning me on. Reminds me of the wedding video of my best friend . Lol just kidding. On a serious note, I consider myself as being born with rights. The government can in no way take away all my rights because they'd get overthrown or they wouldn't even be voted on to power in the first place. I'm sure your vote wouldn't go for someone who says..."Put cameras in WCs and in dressing rooms and whatnot". We all have rights...and its not the government that gives them to us. Its nature. We have the right to live, feed, dress, keep warm during winter and keep cool during summer, breed, and being social animals also entitles us to interact with each other and evolve. These are rights that the government cannot touch. The government can, by all means, deny some rights if they pose a threat or hazard to the government, the general public or an individual. That of course comes about due to another right that nature gave us, Self Preservation. Sorry if this sounds like a biology/sociology high school video but I completely 110% disagree with:
    Technically we have no RIGHT to anything, Its all provided by our government.
    and to be honest, it upsets me a little bit hearing someone believe that because it shows a great weakness in the individual. No offense b1c.

    My 2 Centavos

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    Technically we have no RIGHT to anything
    umm... so let me get this straight... you're saying your right to live, eat, drink survive and reproduce is given to you by your government? I think not. Not wishing to be rude but if you really believe that your rights are given to you by the government you may as will throw yourself under the next bus (or does the government also have to give you the right to die??). Honestly I'm really not trying to be rude here... but there are ceratin rights as a human being that you ARE entitled to... a democratic government is not there to tell you what to do however much they would like to think they are - they are there to serve you.

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    Hmm, perhaps My meaning was a little obscure. The people in Iraq are people just like you and me. They were born, presumably, With all the same rights we had. Yet at any time they could be killed, Raped or whatever else the guy in power chose to do. Despite there "rights".
    Perhaps I should have rephrased it slightly. We may well have those rights, but they are EASILY taken from us. The guy you walk past in the street could pull a gun and kill you without a second thought, Then what will you do? Plead with God for your "Right to life"? Something tells me he'd laugh. You may well have a right to a million different things, but they can all be taken in a flash..
    The government doesn't so much hold the power to TAKE them, so much as it does hold the right to remove the PROTECTION of them. Currently you are more likely to keep your life, Because the government authorises certain individuals to punish OTHER individuals, should they take it.. without permission.
    The fact remains however, that all your rights, No matter how much you think you DESERVE them, can be taken away in the blink of an eye. Some of them legally.

    Its not a matter of how weak I am, more a matter of how realistic we are. I have no right to anything that can be taken from me without my consent instantly. I have a right to PROTECT it however, and that CAN'T be taken from me. I will protect my life, and indeed my privacy, No matter what...

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    nihil said:
    It is up to you to ensure that you elect "the right authority", or go and live in an anachist state/ desert island or whatever.
    Go read Civil Disobedience by Thoreau. If you are in the minority in opinion of who "the right authority" is you will not be able to elect him or her, will you?

    b1c said:
    Technically we have no RIGHT to anything, Its all provided by our government.
    That is technically true. Governments do decide what people have a right to do. Why else would citizens of some country have more rights than citizens of other countries? However, in spirit, it's wrong. A better wording might be. We have the right to everything, but government tries to take that away.
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    Yes, privacy is a good thing... but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing... if you know what I mean :P I'm saying that, enough privacy to stop people from stealing your identity is good, and I promote it... However, there are some people who go off the deep end and encrypt EVERYTHING!!!! My question to them is... "If you are a basic internet surfer(IE: not working for CIA or anything equal to it) , why in the world would you need to hide everything about yourself!?! It makes people like me suspicious... "What are you hiding?" LOL!

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    The right to online privacy is an interesting issue. On one hand, people believe that they have a right to privacy in everything they do. Unfortunately, what nobody realizes is that when you log onto a network of any sort, be it the internet or a small LAN, you are no longer just in YOUR computer. When you log on, you enter other people's space. Cyberspace is a collection of various people's (individuals, corporations, etc.) servers and/or PC's. The right to privacy only extends as far as the individual/corporation's right to administer their systems in a way that they see fit. If you don't want them to know where you are coming from, don't log on. Our rights only extend as far as they infringe on the rights of others. Our right to privacy, versus the system's right to know who's logged on.

    The original thought behind this thread was privacy in an anonymity sort of way. This may or may not be good. Privacy in the form of security is a different matter. I believe that private messages should stay private, and personal information should stay personal. Anything more than that and you are hiding something...
    Real security doesn't come with an installer.

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    b1c...ahhh... I understand where you're coming from now.... I think Alcatraz said it better though
    We have the right to everything, but government tries to take that away.
    An individual or society is entitled to certain right but there will always be people (government or otherwise) who will try and take those rights away from you. Sometimes taking that right away is for the good of the majority(e.g such as is the case with proper law enforcement).... sometimes it is not (such as is the case in Iraq). It is up to an individual (or society) to decide how much they want to fight for those rights -so yeah... I agree with you (I could have said that more concisely but... )

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    You gotta Fight den den, For Your Right Den Den To Paaaaaaa RRRR TTT EEEEyyyy

    Since I am the William Wallace Type Scotsman I believe in Freedom to do what we want when we want.

    Freedom of speach is a great thing. Hey, Why don't we suggest to the government that we get everyone a chalkboard and people walking around can assign them anti-points.

    It works well in keeping order in here.

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