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Thread: Rescue Linux Machine

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    Lightbulb Rescue Linux Machine

    Hello Brothers,

    I had posted the following post as an aswer to a question regarding linux installation.
    But still there are a few who don't know what to do when a linux machine crashes.

    Here is a tutorial on Linux Rescue

    If by some means u loose ur lilo, follow these steps:
    1. Boot with Redhat Cd no.1
    2. Type
    linux rescue <enter>
    3. Follow the instructions (u will have to press enter key twice)
    4. After this Redhat searches for redhat installation on the disk and mounts it into /mnt/sysimage
    5. u'll get a shell prompt #
    6. type
    #chroot /mnt/sysimage
    7.U r ROOT here
    edit ur /etc/lilo.conf
    8. run lilo
    #lilo -v
    9. reboot
    (now it should work)

    Suppose u don't have a Redhat Installation CD I (Which automatically detects your Redhat Installation and mounts it under /mnt/sysimage) :
    But u do have the installation CD of any other popular distribution ( or a rescue CD ),then these are the steps to follow :

    1. Here I'll assume that u got the rescue shell prompt
    2. type
    #fdisk -l or
    #fdisk /dev/hda then p (to get the partition list)
    3. Note down the number of all your linux partition (eg. /dev/hda5)
    4. create a directory and mount your / partition (if u know) into this directory.Otherwise do trial and error.If the partition was / partition, the directory will contail etc,bin,sbin,boot etc.
    #mkdir test
    #mount /dev/hda6 test
    #cd test

    if it shows directories etc,boot,bin,sbin, etc then ok.Else try mounting other linux partitions.
    Once that is done.
    #cd ..
    #chroot test

    5. But that is not all.If u had a separate /boot partition u should mount that into boot directory.B'coz it is in this directory that your linux kernel resides (eg. vmlinuz )
    6. Now make changes to /etc/lilo.conf (if necessory) and run lilo
    #lilo -v

    To install GrUB type
    #grub-install /dev/hda

    Uninstall lilo
    #lilo -u

    Uninstall GrUB

    There is no provision of uninstalling GrUB in linux (as far as I know). But if ur machine has Win98,type
    c:\>fdisk /mbr

    But if u have Win2000 or XP
    1. Boot with installation CD
    2. Enter into recovery console by pressing R when asked
    3. there are some more steps before u get the prompt.But i will assume here that u got the prompt
    4. Type
    5. Reboot

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    I'd add "step 0: prevention". Build a lilo floppy while your system is working fine.

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    step 0: Creating boot Disk
    Though there are lot of boot disk creation method, this should work on all distributions

    #dd if=/boot/vmlinuz-<version no.> of=/dev/fd0
    #rdev /dev/fd0 /dev/hdax

    where x is the partition number of /
    u can get the value of x by typing
    #df -h

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    Great post, as a reminder for those people who've upgraded their kernel lately. You might want to re-create you boot diskette as well, so you can boot to your latest kernel.

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    Another idea: people who upgraded their kernel:

    Keep the old kernel around and in the lilo boot menu. It doesn't use up much space (900k mine) and it saves a lot of hassle if you build a broken one (for instance forget the IDE driver when you have IDE discs)

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    When grub-install fails

    Sometimes grub-install fails even in the rescue mode.

    The solution to this is : (change parameters according to your systems settings)
    #grub &lt;enter&gt;
    grub &gt; install (hd0,6)/boot/grub/stage1 d (hd0) (hd0,6)/boot/grub/stage2 p (hd0,6)/boot/grub/menu.1st

    this will change slightly if u have a separate boot partition.
    #grub &lt;enter&gt;
    grub &gt; install (hd0,6)/grub/stage1 d (hd0) (hd0,6)/grub/stage2 p (hd0,6)/grub/menu.1st

    ok the syntax is :
    install &lt;path to stage1&gt; d &lt;install device&gt; &lt;path to stage2&gt; p &lt;path to config file&gt;

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