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    Web Hosting

    hey me and my friend PsychoJester are making a website and were wondering what is the best web hosting service? Please only recommend ones that are $40 yearly or less. So far we are thinking about and but we are still not sure. Thanks.
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    GreekGoddess posted a good host .. free for 3 years.. 1&1 hosting (us and canada only)

    then there's one I saw the other day...

    Storage Space 120 MB
    Bandwidth 8 GB
    Pop3 Email 100
    FTP Accounts 5
    MySQL 10
    Subdomains 10
    FrontPage Extensions

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    Ok moving to Web Development.

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    They are reletivaly unheard of. This is my friends company actually. There are a few packages available, and I can tell you from my experience that this is as good as it gets. Your not getting some big corporate company, your getting a person that can host you, for cheap. You can email him at and tell him that Volcanic sent you. He will know whats up.
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    1&1 is definitely a great deal. I bought a domain through them as well at an extremely low price. The only thing I didn't like about them was the way their control panel was setup, but who can complain with all of it being free.

    I do have two accounts through Host Dime, and let me tell you, they are amazing with customer service. These guys don't sleep, not to mention the prices on their services are some of the best out there. I'd recommend them in my sleep.

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