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Thread: Hacker Horror stories

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    Hacker Horror stories

    Being a big fan of horror, I'm happy to be posting this. It's about time someone wrote something hacking and horror related.

    Tales from the cryptography keeper. Lol.

    Hacker Horror 1:

    "Tell-Tale Voltage Regulator"

    Late one night, in the basement of his work, Harold was recompiling his kernel for the 15th time that week.

    "Maybe one day, I'll have a kernel that works!" thought Harold. One of Harold's problems was that he only had a 386DX25 with 4 megs of ram to work with. The accountants all got the P166's with 32 megs of ram.

    After the compile was completed he installed it and proceeded to reboot his system. Everything appeared to be working normally, except for one thing...

    "FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!, I forgot to compile the crappy ethernet card support!!" In frustration, Harold slammed his fist down on the keyboard, then lifted the monitor and threw it across the room. As the small fire created by the exploding monitor burned down, he realized what he had done. His boss would kill him if he found out! There was only one thing to do... hide the evidence and claim that his monitor had been stolen!

    Luckily, they were doing some work on the Second floor, and one of the walls was not yet completed. Harold threw the monitor onto a push cart and put a box over it. He knew that no one should be in the building, but just in case. He got to the elevator without anyone seeing him. He pushed the elevator call button and waited for what seemed to be an eternity. Finally the elevator opened.

    "Hey Harold, how's it going?"

    FOR PETE'S SAKE! It was security... "Uh, nothing much, just taking this up to 2nd floor to replace a monitor one of the secerataries said had a color problem."

    It sounded good, good enough. The security guard looked at Harold, for a minute he thought something, Harold looked very white, and was sweating profusely. But then, he was a typical hacker, so that didn't mean anything. "Alright, just be sure to lock the doors behind you..."

    Harold boarded the elevator and pressed 2. Now that he had passed the security guard, nothing should stand in his way.

    On the second floor, there was a section of wall that wasn't quite done yet. Harold threw the broken monitor in there, and quickly threw up a piece of drywall and nailed it down. Using skills he had learned from his father, a carpenter, he quickly spread the plaster all around, liberally. He didn't think that anyone would notice that the wall had gotten done early... he ran past one of the secerataries desks and opened the drawers... sure enough, he found a hair dryer. He used the hair dryer to quickly dry the plaster... grabbed a power sander and finished the job. Last but not least he grabbed a vaccuum and sucked up all the dust.

    "But what is it missing??" Paint. He needed paint, but he couldn't find any. Quickly he found a post it note and scrawled in his best handwriting (the best handwriting for a hacker anyway) 'BOB, I FINISHED THE WALL, COULDN'T FIND PAINT..'. Never mind the fact he didn't know who Bob was, but there was always a Bob working somewhere, so it sounded good.

    Harold got back on the elevator and made it back to his room safely... he wrote a note to his boss that his monitor had been stolen and went home.

    The next day Harold came in to work and was greeted by his boss.

    "Monitor stolen?", his boss questioned him about it. Harold told him that he had left the room unlocked accidently and probably someone from Maintenence took it. He looked as convincing as he could. "Okay" the boss said, "Get one out of storage, I hope you don't mind using an EGA monitor for a while, it's all we've got left..". Doesn't matter, thought Harold, I only use text based OSs anyway. "Oh and by the way, Harold, a seceratary up on the second floor says that he can't see the network, can you look into it?"

    "Sure, I'll go right up". As Harold boarded the elevator, he thought of how clever he was to get out of trouble. He especially had a big smile on his face when he reached the second floor and saw Maintenence painting that wall. He went over to the secerataries desk and found that the guy's network connection had been removed. No big deal. He went back down the hall, but something stopped him. From behind the wall where he had hid the monitor, he heard a slight and high pitched "Whiiizzzzzzzzz". He thought about it for a moment... but nah... couldn't be...

    Later that evening as he was about ready to type make zlilo for the 16th time, his boss popped in his office and said, "They're having network problems again, and this time it's not the cable being unplugged...".

    "Okay, I'll look into it." Harold quickly hit return, and left the room. There is nothing I could have forgotten in the kernel this time, I have everything supported... HAHAHAHA! As he walked past his wall, he again heard the slight, "Whiiizzzzzzzz" from behind the wall. He thought about it for a moment as the security guard walked up... "Funny thing your monitor being stolen... I didn't see anyone but you here all last night!"

    "Listen, perhaps if you had been doing your job a little better I would still have a monitor!" Harold shouted back. The security guard was taken aback. The whiiizzzz became louder.

    "What's that noise?" Harold demanded. The security guard looked puzzled. "Harold, you are wierd." the security guard left. Harold continued on to the problem computer.

    "Why isn't this seeing the network, all the drivers are loading properly!" He checked the connections, he checked the hub, and he even replaced the NIC. As he turned off the computer to reboot, the high pitched whiiizzz became very loud.... "CUT IT OUT!!" Harold shouted. No one could hear him because no one was there. Harold ran to one of the maintenence walls and flipped the breaker to turn off all of the power on that floor. The whiiiizzz noise only became louder. He turned the power back on and grabbed a fire axe from the wall, setting off the fire alarm. But Harold couldn't hear the fire alarm. All he could hear was the Monitor from hell, it's noises raging from behind the wall. He took the axe and chopped down the wall. "DAMN YOU! I WILL KILL YOU ONCE AND FOR ALL!!" The security guard rushed up behind him and startled Harold.

    "What the hell do you think you are doing??" demanded the security guard. Harold didn't even look at him, he kept chopping at the wall. The security guard was perplexed, so he drew his weapon. "I ORDER YOU TO STOP NOW HAROLD!!".

    Harold pleaded "I HAVE TO MAKE IT STOP!! I HAVE TO MAKE IT STOP!!"

    "Make what stop?"

    "The Monitor, IT WON'T QUIT!! IT IS TRYING TO DRIVE ME INSANE!!". The security guard was speechless and didn't know what to do. Harold kept chopping at the wall. Finally it caved in, Harold climed in the wall and grabbed the monitor.

    "HAHAHA! I HAVE YOU NOW YOU MONITOR FROM HELL!!!!". That was the last thing Harold said before he discharged the High Voltage area across his hand. The charge went up his arm, and into his brain. Harold colapsed...


    Harold woke up in the hospital.. still shaken. He didn't know what had happened, the shock had made him forget. After he left the hospital, he went back to work. His boss felt sorry for him and gave him his old job back, but had hired someone to take his place in his abscense. Harold went downstairs to his computer and flicked the switch to turn it on.

    The computer breathed to life, Harold was pleased to be back where he belonged, in front of a computer. They even fixed his monitor, and he had a brand new 15" SVGA monitor. He turned around to get a can of jolt out of the 'frige and when he turned back, Harold screamed in horror. A scream so loud that it could be heard clear to the 5th floor. For his monitor was displaying something that could not be explained, something that terrified him past all sanity.

    His monitor was saying "Starting Windows 95...."

    Hacker Horror 2:

    "Its the end of the world as we know it."

    The two guys were giddy about today, they had just recieved word that thier new T1 had been installed in the fone room in their company. They were thrilled! Bob had a T1 before at his school, and rememberd with fondness how fast things would fly to his terminal, how when he would telnet, the chars would pop up as soon as he typed them, instead of waiting for a little while to show up. George on the other hand had never seen a T1 before in his life, but he knew that 1.544 megabits per second would be somethign to see. When they finally hooked it up, they couldn't wait to get out on the internet. Both of them rushed downtairs to their computers in the basement and fired up good ole lynx.

    Of course nothing happened at first, when Bob and George first got their systems they were the only ones in the entire building running Linux, so they had assigned themselves some IPs from the reserved IP space. No big deal, just change a few numbers and restart. But change the numbers from what? No one had told them what thier assigned IP addreses were supposed to be, but they knew that admin had gone ahead and registered a class C block of addresses. They called around to higher ups in the computer services chain and found out the first 24 bits of the IP, but they didn't know the last 8 bits.

    Pinging around on thier local network however revealed a server, a server up on 542.613.531.1 (NOTE: The author of this story realizes that IP space is only 0-255. The reason he is using numbers > 255 is because this is fiction. Get over it). They were completely blown away. They had no idea that someone had a server up and running. They supposed though that this would be thier gateway. They already had a DNS in mind, so they just put themselves on 10 and 11, and fired everything up!

    "We're IN!" They yelled in unison. "This is so cool!" Bob went to and downloaded the sources for kernel 2.0.20 in 3 minutes flat. He still had version 2.0.0, and wanted to try this latest kernel. He was fumbling around on sunsite when all of the sudden he came across the sources for ircii. "Whoa... that looks neat. Let's see what it does."

    Bob downloaded, compiled and installed ircii in no time flat. Even though he hadn't had a direct connection to the internet for years, he still knew how to read documents, a lost art in todays world. Bob sat there wondering where he could go with this irc client. George, being not nearly as cool as Bob, had instantly loaded up lynx on his system, and was searching yahoo for "naked girls". "Cut that out George!" yelled Bob, "Search for IRC on there will you?" Somehow, George came up with the name of a Dalnet server.

    Bob typed in the command slowly, as he was still remembering the documentation. He had read somewhere about the IRC, and knew enough about it to know he needed a nickname to use. He couldn't think of anything. So he put in "BOB". He typed: irc bob

    And waited. And waited some more. Finally he got tired of waiting, but just before he hit Control-Z the server came back and said "Nickname in use, choose another" Drat, Bob thought. Okay, I'll choose Bob1. "Nickname in use, choose another" Okay, Bob2. "Nickname in use, choose another". How many Bobs could there be?? After several attempts, he finally got to "Welcome to the Dalnet Network, Bob52!"

    Whoa!!! Cool. Now he was reading through the dalnet help files... he thought, okay, I'll type /list. **disconnected from server, attempting to reconnect.

    Hmm.... perhaps there was some trick to it... aha! He found the command for limiting the number of people per channel. George glanced at his screen as bob tried to /list -min 3. George's eyes grew wide as he saw all the sex channels. "Hey bob! Can I use the IRC too??" .

    "Sure, just telnet to my machine and use it." Bob was unaware of George's raging hormones. Bob saw a nifty channel go by, #hacker@ ... cool, he thought, other hackers. That might be fun.

    /join #hacker@

    ***Bob52 joins #hacker@
    <Makaveli> So how do I hack?
    ***Makaveli was kicked by Silver_Wolf (Go read a book you moron)
    <dalek> hehe... I hate when that happens.
    <Bob52> hello, I am a hacker. Worship the ground I walk on, I have a T1, if you try anything I will destroy you! HAHAH!
    <InfoLock> So, I have a T3.
    <Bob52> So that's only 3 times faster.
    <Silver_Wolf> Try about 30 times faster.
    <dalek> Yeah.. T1 = 1.544 megabits per second, T3 = 45 megabits per second. So neah!!!

    Whoa, Bob thought, these guys really know what they are talking about.

    <Bob52> Haha, I was only joking.
    *** quits: Bob52 (excess flood)

    What the heck happened there?? "George, are you still connected to the Dalnet?"

    "Yeah... hehe".

    ***studlyguy joins #sex
    <studlyguy> Hi, I'm 21m!

    "What are you doing George??"

    "Oh nothing... "

    ***Bob52 joins #hacker@
    <dalek> Back for more?
    <Bob52> Did you guys do that?
    * dalek didn't do a thing.
    <InfoLock> don't look at me.
    <PhEOniX> hehe
    <Bob52> What did you do?
    <PhEOniX> Absolutely nothing
    * PhOEniX had clones do it for him...
    <Bob52> What? How did you do that with the thing..
    <Silver_Wolf> Do what with what thing?
    <Bob52> that *PhEOniX had clones do it for him...
    * dalek doesn't know how he did that either.
    <Bob52> what?
    * Silver_Wolf tells Bob52 to try the /describe command, and to stop being a lamer

    Now they're bringing in some big terminology. What do I have to fear from them, I'm on a T1. They probably have crappy modem lines! I could ping flood them easily!

    <Bob52> describe #hacker@ figured it out.
    <dalek> you might try a / before it.
    <Bob52> describe /#hacker@ figured it out.
    <dalek> never mind.

    Ooh That idiot dalek guy! He tricked me. Now I'm going to kill him.

    <Bob52> hey dalek, what is your IP.
    <dalek> guess.
    <Silver_Wolf> try a /whois bob.
    <dalek> Shut UP silver!
    <dalek> hehe

    Aha! /whois dalek gave me his IP. Now to ping flood him... hehe.

    <Bob52> I'm not doing anything!!
    <dalek> Not doing anything what?
    <Bob52> why are you still here
    <Silver_Wolf> Why is who still here?
    <Bob52> dalek, I cranked my Ping Flood up on him!!! I'm on a T1.
    <dalek> Oh that. I have pings disabled. You lamer.
    <Bob52> you can't disable pings!
    <dalek> I can and did. Its not hard.
    <Bob52> alright, you are all dead now!
    *** quits: dalek (
    *** quits: Silver_Wolf (
    *** quits: InfoLock (
    *** quits: delphian (
    *** quits: Fedallah (
    <Bob52> Hello?
    <Bob52> Is anyone there?

    Haha! I killed them all! HHAHAHA!! I don't know what I did but it worked!

    "Hey Bob? Everyone just quit the irc.. what happened?" George asked.

    "I uhh.... killed them."

    "You what??"


    *** joins: dalek
    You were kicked from #hacker@ by dalek (You're nuked!!!)

    Bob stared at the screen and didn't say a thing... what had dalek done to him? Just then the power flickered on and off real quick... since both PCs were on UPSs nothing bad happened to the computers, but Bob was scared.

    no response from

    "Bob what's going on??" George asked.

    "Not sure? But... " Bob didn't want to tell George what had happened.

    no response from

    "Uh... George... why don't you go upstairs and tell me what you find?"

    "Why? What's upstairs?"

    "Just do it." (Copyright 1994 Nike)

    George went upstairs... when he got upstairs he went outside. It was a nice night outside, and he thought, "Gee, Bob is acting real wierd, I think I'll just go home".

    When George didn't come back, Bob thought the worst. George must have died of Radiation Poisining before he got back. He had sent him to his death!!!

    ping localhost
    localhost is alive

    no response from

    no response from

    Bob stepped back from his computer. He couldn't believe it, that dalek guy must have been from russia! He had pissed off a Russian Missile commander and had destroyed the world!

    "I'm the LAST MAN ALIVE!!! " Bob screamed. He couldn't take it. He found a razor and slit his wrist, down- not across. He was bleeding all over the place. As the blood ran over the keyboard, Bob breathed his last breath, and was silent.

    Somewhere esle in the building, a janitor finished vaccuuming and plugged the hub back in.

    ****ed up huh?

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    something that terrified him past all sanity.

    His monitor was saying "Starting Windows 95...."
    OMFG i didn't expect that, very good story till now, hahahha. I'll be right back let me read the rest of this.

    /me finished

    gore did you write that, you are one great author if you did man. i love it, i'll copy it in my Gore's Story folder with the Bastard Admin From Michigan stories.

    Somewhere esle in the building, a janitor finished vaccuuming and plugged the hub back in.
    ROFL. Always a suprising end to it.

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    Whoa, great storys gore! Got any sites where there are more of them?



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    This is for you gore, not as good as the other one but i know you love blue eyez

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    Sadly I did not write these. However I may have to write some soon. They do rock huh?

    Maybe I'll write up a few hacker horror stories.

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    lol they are funny, hope tho read one of your creation gore. (better get working on it )

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    Gore, those rocked! Encore! Encore!

    [edit] yes, I know the dates are blinking. somehow it got bumped up on my readlist and caught me not paying attention. They really do rock tho - send more :P [/edit]
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    not to bad at all lol actually quite funny :-)
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    I'm bumping this up on purpose to test something, and of course newbies have probably never seen it. Hell some seniors probably haven't.

    Enjoy, while I try redoing this thing.

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