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    its not really a bug, but rather a mistype or sumthin
    When editing the signature, it says 6 lines or less
    then i had 5 lines, but none of my posts had signatures because it said they had to be 4 lines or less...
    Not that it's very crucial or anything...

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    it doesnt look like yours is 5 lines...OR 6...
    i suggest learning to count maybe??

    about the problem...were you using any glow or blur efects?..some times that can jack with it

    hope this helped...if not..oh well


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    I suggest pulling your butt cheeks wider so your shoulders and the rest of your body can follow your head up your ass..

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    The limit shown in the sig edit page was 6 lines, but the code actually showed the error at 4 lines. I've edited the sig edit page so it says 4 lines is max instead of 6. Hopefully that will clear up any confusion.

    - h
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