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Thread: A Guide to AntiOnline and the world of security.

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    A Guide to AntiOnline and the world of security.

    Ok here is a new thread that puts together The AntiOnline Member FAQ and the Ultimate Newbie FAQ. This will take anybody a while to read, its long but covers more or less everything I think. If you spot any mistakes or broken links etc. drop me a pm or whatever and I'll sort it out.

    Have to clear that up, basically here are some simple rules, nothing major. They wont affect but a small minority of AO users and will make the majority of AO members stay a little better. At least I hope!

    I have made a short list or rules regarding the General Chit Chat Forum. Please note I respect that anything goes in General Chit and I am not here to censor or stop you making jokes etc.!

    If you disagree with anything such as a closed thread or edited post feel free to contact me by PM with why you object and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

    1- Please post sensibly and not simply to incite a 'flame war', any thread that has been made solely for this purpose will be closed!

    2- Do not use abusive, rascist or any other hateful language in your comments

    3- Dont spam the board with advertising its not nice!

    4- Have fun, AO is a haven for learning! If you treat each other with a little respect you get a lot back.

    5- If you have a thread about a particular topic, review it first as it may be more suitable for a different forum although I will not close any thread posted in the wrong forum as it is General Chit Chat!

    6- Be specific when asking a questions, you will thus get a better answer!

    7- Use as many people will simply re-direct you if you ask a very obvious questions, if you dont get a result, feel free to ask our many members!

    8- Flaming: Please refrain from abusive language in flames, it only spams our board and really dosent help anybody out in any way. Flame threads will be closed if pointless.

    9- Oh! And dont ask questions about illegal activities, AO is an anti-cracker site!

    10- Got a very simple question read the FAQ.

    11- Posts deemed unsuitable will not be edited instead the post will be changed to the Hidden post feature.

    If you have anything to add or strongly disagree then reply to this message with the reasons why! If you want to see more rules added or some rules taken away I will gladly do so if many people support the idea.

    General Post Guidelines by Syini666

    First off, I can't stress enough to search before you post something, as a duplicate thread is just a waste of space. Second, unless you are willing to take a pounding as far as flames and AP is concerned, keep away from touchy subjects, as they tend to start a ruckus. While on the topic of AP's, and I know this has been said millions of times, don't post about them, its just inviting trouble. We've all probably been negged for stupid things, but no one wants to see a thread about that on the main page, or at all really. Another thing to remember, when your asking a question that you want help on, include as much information as possible, because every bit helps.


    1.) Search before posting
    2.) Be careful of the subjects before posting
    3.) Don't post about AP's
    4.) When asking questions, give as much info as possible


    General Windows Security Tips

    Get a good antivirus program, and keep it updated. Its a basic step that some people overlook. Along the same lines, backup your important data, as even a daily updated av program can't stop a brand new virus.

    Firewalls are also a very good idea. If you have windows xp, make sure the built in firewal is turned off, because that can cause problems if you install a second firewall. If your unfamiliar to firewalls, check the tutorials forum for a guide on general setup and configuration, because a improperly configured firewall is the same as not even having one at all. Once you get it setup, go check it at a online scan place such as GRC or Sygate to see how effective it is at protecting and hiding your compuers ports.

    Get to know your operating system. Buy a teach yourself book, or something similar, and read it a couple of times. If you don't know the basics of your operating systems, a lot of the more advanced concepts discussed on AO can seem bizzare, so bone up on your native OS. Make sure you turn off services you don't need, or ones that you know are often exploited.

    A special note for win xp,2k,2kp and such users: You always hear about not doing things as root on a Linux machince right, well take it to heart, and don't do your every day stuff on your Administrator account.


    How to Get Along in AO by xmadness

    Welcome to AntiOnline, The largest computer security site on the internet. We here at AntiOnline strive on open discussions of a range of topics ranging from the laest security flaws in the servers, to what kind of music you listen to. Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questrions:

    How do I hack into computers?

    Well, this is a very touchy subject here at AO. This site is frequently visited by System Admins, Security Specialists, Computer Students, Government Agencies, and the tech savvy alike. We are a community that is here to help teach people how to secure their networks, not how to hack into them. If you post a question like "How do I hack <insert free e-mail service here>?" Do not expect to be around long. Those are the questions despised by this forum. While on the subject, do not ask how to hack into anything. You are guaranteed not to learn anything that way.

    How do I secure my computers?

    That is a much better question and you will get a much better responce. When you have a question, simply go to the appropriate forum and post your question. Many posts are answered within minutes of posting, and some more specific questions make take a bit longer.

    What are these Antipoint things?

    Antipoints are a way of recognition in AO. You acquire antipoints by posting good meaningful posts that help somebody. You can get both positive (green) antipoints, or negative (red) antipoints. If you recieve to many red antipoints your account may be removed.

    Why do I have a message saying I'm going to be banned?

    You have acquired to many negative antipoints and this is your warning. You still have a chance to redeem yourself though. Just stop posting meaningless one-liner messages like "I agree", or "Good post!" and stop asking how to hack stuff.


    AntiPoints Explained by allenb1963

    Q: Once I'm able to assign AntiPoints, how do I do it?

    A: Each post has an "Assign Positive or Negative AntiPoints to This Post" link located in the upper left corner of the post which opens an assignment box. AntiPoints of a positive nature should only be assigned to posts that are worthy in that they provide a correct answer to a question, provide useful and relavent information, or make a valid point that you STRONGLY agree with. Negative AntiPoints are used for posts that provide misleading information, request information that can be used for illegal purposes, are derogatory or insulting in nature, or make a point that you STRONGLY disagree with.

    As you rise through the ranks of AO and increase your number of AntiPoints, the impact of your assignments increases as well. As that influence grows, so should the sense of responsibility you use to assign those points. Forming alliances in order to enhance your position or defile someone else's AP status is a practice that is frowned upon and dealt with severely when discovered. You are strongly urged to avoid such behaviour.

    When you assign points, you will notice an area where you are allowed to put in comments. Please attempt to use this area in a constructive manner and refrain from name calling and profanity. There will be cases where you may receive comments of this nature, but please remember that the bad behaviour of others does not excuse us from acting in a civilized manner.


    Hitting IRC By Ennis

    Basically I would just like to add that if you havent already found your way there hit Unerror Irc, its hwere most AO members hang out.
    You will find that your questions get answered a hell of a lot quicker than anywhere else and its where all the AO super members hide. You may not see them amidst there ranting but there everywhere! Go now! Go!
    Here is a short tutorial on basic IRC commands by souleman to get you sorted.

    IRC Tutorial by souleman

    NICK Command
    Changes your "Online Identity" on a server.
    Syntax: NICK <new nickname>

    WHOIS Command
    Shows information about the user in question.
    Syntax: WHOIS <user>

    JOIN Command
    Used to enter one or more channels on an IRC server.
    Syntax: JOIN <chan>

    PART Command
    Used to leave a channel you currently occupy.
    Syntax: PART <chan>

    QUIT Command
    Disconnects you from the IRC server.
    Syntax: QUIT <reason>

    LIST Command
    Provides a complete listing of all channels on the network.
    Syntax: LIST <search string>

    PRIVMSG or MSG sends a private message to a user, and opens a new QUERY window if their client supports it.
    NOTICE sends a message to the screen of a user. Messages can also be sent to channels, but most op's turn this feature off.
    Syntax: MSG <nick>,<nick2>,<nick3>,<nick4> :<text>
    Syntax: NOTICE <nick> <text>


    Wargame List provided by prodikal <- dont know if it is up

    The Ultimate Newbie FAQ
    by Ennis

    Donít know where to start, then read this little guide and you should be on your way! It has been updated since I last wrote it so youíre getting a new version here. I have added some of the new info I have gathered during my days and of course the lessons I have learnt from AntiOnline. One of the things I have noticed is the repetition of questions on what are very easy questions so I have updated this tutorial with these questions in mind.

    Ok, here are all my big posts here at Antionline combined. This is just a newbie FAQ on General Security, Ethics, Virus Survival and How Not To Get Flamed. This is for anyone who has just joined AO and well these tutorials can be found separately in the Tutorials section but to save you the bother I compiled them all into one huge post!.

    If you have already read General Security Learning and Links skip the first part and move on!

    Hope you find this thread useful!

    The following post is an attempt at helping those new to security get information quickly and with ease. Here goes.
    Ok, Iím guessing since you are reading this that you are a member of a board or forum, these places hold a wealth of information in its users. Post relevant questions and you will get answers easily.
    This is a great place to begin and there are great forums [in fact hundreds] on every aspect of security out there. Though you are already at the best security website on the web and trust me when you get into it you wonít want to leave.

    Before you ask a question do your own research. This might sound daunting but all I am asking is for you to put your question into a search box and see if itís been answered before. Failing this enter it into AntiOnlines search engine and you will more than likely find it there. If not then ask your question.

    The best search engine and most popular here at AO is

    The next step is getting in contact with helpful users in which you can learn from. Maybe forum members you get along with, people on ICQ or any friends or relatives you know with good computer skills. A great way of learning is on a one to one basis unless you feel you work better alone.

    Go to download it and get chatting, try this is probably the server most affiliated with AntiOnline members. There you will find among other things members who may not post anymore but know a hell of a lot, you just got to ask.

    Programming can amazingly improve your computer skills [obviously] so I recommend buying a good book on the language you hope to approach first [ most go for C/C++ or Basic] however pick the language the suits you even if its Python, Pascal or Assembly. Books are great for learning, I am currently surrounded by many computer books, go to your local shop and take a look around youíre bound to find something.

    Learn HTML itís easy and WebPages wonít look so fancy anymore; try following this up by JavaScript which is more of a challenge.

    READ, I can not stress this enough, read tutorials/how to's etc. until your eyes bleed. There is a tutorial forum here, check that out and then when youíre ready download The AntiOnline Newsletter made by AOís favorite member MsMittens.

    Getting Linux installed can be a daunting task for any newbie. Donít rush into Linux simply to look good, if you do not feel comfortable with change stick with Windows. But if you are taking then dive remember to get help the first time you install Linux or perhaps partition your hard rive so you can keep Windows and still learn what all those guys on IRC were talking about.

    Check out this thread where I point out the most useful programs for any beginner to have.

    Be anonymous, check this out

    Do not get involved in illegal activities to look "l337"; this includes defacement, virus writing, Trojan use and DoS. Imagine ending up in prison or fined $1000 because you scribbled "1 0\/\/ j00 suX0r5!". It ain't worth it and you will impress nobody important just other script kiddies. Oh, and if you are into handles donít pick one from the film "Hackers", I have seen so many 'Zero-Cool's and 'Acid Burn' handles to make me sick.

    Ok, I know this is basic stuff, I just hope it helps out somebody here.

    Here are some links and tutorials to get you started.

    I hope some of you find the following links useful.
    Please report any misleading links and add your own if you want.




    Trojan Removal

    Operating Systems


    Open/Free BSD


    Microsoft Windows


    Ok, I had a lot of times on my hands today, so Iíve decided to write on a subject that comes up here often in the Antionline forums. It concerns the ethics, misconceptions and just general talk of hackers.
    I think it is important to understand hackers in order to fight hackers. *Note: If you are uncomfortable with the term hacker being used just replace with cracker*.
    And as you know I am not a cracker but I do know crackers and I have learned to secure my OS from my experiences with them

    Anyway here goes...

    Hacker Skills
    In order to understand hackers we need to know their skills. What can a hacker do? Well any real hacker should know their Operating System inside out. Windows users should be able to manipulate the registry and Unix users should understand their OS and how the kernel works. Here at AO there is a strong amount of Linux users, which is a better alternative OS to Windows for any aspiring hacker.
    They should also know some programming language [at least two]. Many hackers are programmers; in fact some know multiple languages. Here at Antionline people have asked which the best languages to learn are. Well I think some of the most important are C/C++, Perl, java and ASM, although different people enjoy or find uses for different languages.
    Windows users should have a look at batch programming and Unix users should try Shell code.

    Types of Hackers
    There are many types of hackers and I will try explaining the vast majority of them here beginning with the good and branching into the undesirables...

    Newbieís are only well new to hacking, they are striving to learn and it is at this stage they decide what path they will take. A newbie could become anything if not taught early the code of the hacker. The usually go through a process of learning from their mistakes. Neophythes are newbieís who are beginning to show some knowledge and are contributing to the hacker society. Many hackers remain at this stage and few move on to the next status.

    Lamers are the people that just wont learn, they are not interested in real hacking instead looking for easy ways to impress their friends etc. Everything they do is accomplished without any innovative ideas, just basic copying of old exploits tools etc.

    Script Kiddies
    *Ennis cringes* Yes we all them, the bottom of the hacker culture is full of wannabes; these malicious kids are lamers with enough knowledge to lets say, deface a site or execute DoS attacks, create simple viruses etc. They are the people that give hackers a bad name.

    Black Hats
    You may have heard this term tossed around this forum a couple of times, Black Hats are crackers out to gain something from their computer knowledge. Basically they are the criminals you hear about from the media.

    White Hats
    You guessed it, the good guys. The find holes in systems and may patch them up or warn the sites administrator. These people are the moral conscience of the hacking world.

    Grey Hats
    Kind of myth-like, apparently the old crackers using their skills have root on many sites but do not deface the site or cause damage. They may install backdoors and sites. They do not talk to anyone or release their exploits to other hackers.

    Input from MsMittens

    My understanding was someone who is a white hat but accepts or does activities occasionally that a black hat might, e.g., takes software home that belongs to the company and make copies or put backdoors on systems they are supposed to monitor.

    Crackers come in two forms, those that deface sites for 'fame' and those who crack programs. They are malicious and not nice people. Many people believe the word hacker in the media's eyes should be changed to cracker.

    Warez d00ds!
    People who allow other internet users to download copyrighted software of the internet for free. These people also promote porn and their sites are full of misleading links and pop-up ads.

    Virus Programmers
    People who create malicious in an attempt to disrupt or destroy home or business computers. These people are usually pretty good programmers just with a bit of a sick attitude.

    Input from Kezil

    not all virus writers are malicious, some just do it for fun or to learn about viruses

    Here is a term I want you to work out for yourselfÖ

    Various Hacking Culture Traits
    The hacking world is full of its own oddities and set rules, Ill explain what I can here for all the Antionliners!

    Flame Wars
    Now we all know this one, the flame.
    Anywhere when ideas are so freely expressed people are going to get angry, forums, IRC and BBS are breeding grounds for flamers. Some are great at it [Negative] and use it wisely to point out mistakes, teach lessons, others are childish with
    Their flames and lose general respect for it. Anyway being sensible and not flaming others means you can avoid being flamed yourself.

    l337 speak
    Yeah, I know script kiddie talk. How can people give clear info or communicate when you are writing with numbers. Anyway it can be a source of amusement but donít try impress anyway with this kind of talk. Lots of people here are excellent at English [grammar,grammar,grammar!] and some can speak more than one language. Why waste this talent wit this 1337 Sp3/\|<?

    Microsoft Windows and Hackers
    Letís face it, most people use Windows right, so basically crackers have a field day with its lame security. So how can you secure yourself, well get a firewall, they cost from 0 to very costly. Firewalls watch your ports for attacks. Youíll also need a Virus Scanner, in this day and age when new viruses are created daily, you must keep it updated also.

    The Trojan
    Trojans consist of a server and a program. The server is sent to your victim which must be executed and then you can gain access to their computer. Simple but so lame. Only script kiddies would use Trojans and I advise any self-respecting human not to use these things...
    To avoid getting a Trojan on your PC, watch what you are downloading and get a virus scanner.

    Social Engineering
    Be wary of people you meet on the web, there are social engineers on the web proving sometimes you donít need amazing hacking skills when you have people skills. Social Engineers spend lots of time perfecting the ability to manipulate admin's and users for sensitive information on a network.

    Thatís it.

    Basic Virus Survival

    I was going to put one of my old tutorials in here, but then something happened. I got a phone call a day or two ago from a good friend. He was telling me ĎHelp I got a Virus or somethingÖ!í
    So I went around he is running Windows ME [he is an avid gamer and mp3 lover] and points out that all his Word Documents have been overwritten to show some gibberish.
    I asked him how he had come to receiving the virus and well this is the reason I am writing this tutorial. He replied 'Just opened some e-mail and next time I booted, this happened'.
    He was lucky I suppose, hell viruses come in malicious forms and this was a fairly harmless virus in my opinion. I checked up his 'anti-virusí protection, Id been advising him for weeks about the dangers of Trojans and viruses and what they can do to your system. Of course he simply ignored me.
    First thing I checked up was backup, this as anyone knows is very important, little did I know he had shunned the idea and he simply shrugged. Lets just say Rescue Disk, Antivirus Software, were not on his agenda!. He had not bothered to protect himself in any way but I assumed this little shock would wake him up. It did.
    So now I want to focus on a security issue which is widespread but can be prevented with a little common sense. Firstly we must define the Virus and take a peek at what kind of malicious code there is.
    Ok a virus is an executable program; it can affect the following areas of computer:
    System Sectors, files, Batch Files, Source CodeÖ
    ÖAnd more, they can be described in many ways, from what size they are, stealth, their methods, polymorphic and well the list goes on, itís impossible to define them all with new virusí coming out daily.
    Now lets just clear up some myths about viruses, you can infect yourself from a: executing the program [e-mail attachments are a very common method of spreading virus'] b: booting from an infected floppy or hard disk. Now remember it must be executed so be skeptic about what you open, many virus send you e-mails from trusting friends who unwillingly have passed you on a virus.
    So how do you know you have been infected, well unexplained growth of .exe or .com files is a dead giveaway. Your computer may run slower, system resources depleted and unusual behavior from your box are major signs.
    Well what happens when the damage is done and itís all too late. Lets not think about that and look at prevention to cure the virus attack. As you should know being cautious is a great advantage, i.e. making sure attachments are not viruses and donít just click on anything that arrives in your mailbox [your hand is the enemy!].
    Get yourself good antivirus software, which should be updated, as often as possible, set your antivirus to scan mail attachments. This will rapidly reduce the chances of infecting yourself.
    Back up, back up, back up! I cannot stress this enough, imagine losing all your important data through your own laziness. People who assume it wonít happen to them are taking major risks, who knows what may happen in the future. Create a rescue disk which programs such as Norton Utilities will allow you to.
    Now remember not all unusual activity on your computer is virus activity, it is common for people to assume when they are having problems that they have a virus or Trojan! Also keep regular scans of your computer but donít overly trust your AV software, use your own imitative to keep a virus free system.
    You could get yourself a copy of a Linux distro which means less chance of virus attacks, there are Linux viruses but they dwindle when compared to the huge amount of Windows viruses.
    Anyway Good Luck!

    This is a very common type of tutorial on ethics and some guy asked me to post something on ethics in the tutorial section so here goes. We already covered some of this earlier but this is well more comprehensive so here goes.

    Types of Hackers

    In a new era of hacking it is vitally important for the older generation to keep a sense of ethics and values alive, or we may simple add to the media's 'negative' view of hackers.
    It is therefore the reason I have chosen to add an ethics section here.
    Hopefully by introducing the many types of hackers in the world you can choose the right type and understand what a true hacker is.
    I wonít begin with the obvious dictionary definition of a hacker [seeker of knowledge etc.] but try to introduce the attitude of various stereotyped hackers.
    However in my opinion real hackers come under no definition and are just people interested in computers regardless of whether they spend years learning the finer points of programming or years gaining root on a lame admins system.

    There are many names for different classes of hackers.

    The Script Kiddie
    * Lamers
    * These 'hackers' or wannabes manipulate tools written by others to achieve respect. At the moment I would consider there presence as widespread. They give hackers a bad name and usually use Trojans [RATS].
    How often have you been on IRC and felt their presence, SUB7 scans are their usual tactic as well as the infamous DoS attacks.
    * It is these Script Kiddies who have demised the respectful name of hackers into the anti-media tag it carries today.
    * In my humble opinion Viruses users come under this category but not in the case of those who have personally written the virus.
    * Do not fall under this category if you want true respect.
    * Often use Windows and AOL and try to hack hotmail.

    * Next generation of hackers
    * These are the learners of the hacking world; their main aim is to gain knowledge.
    * They begin as script kiddies often indulging in such activities but quickly learn it is lame.
    * Most have the respect from elders as they want to learn and avoid the simplicity of simply becoming a script kiddie.
    * It is a joy to see such people grow as they install Linux and no longer get flamed on BBS boards; it is these people who are the future of hacking.

    The l33t
    * Average Hackers
    * The use of numbers and symbols in hacker culture is becoming lame but is the way for a small generation of hackers who are usually fairly good hackers who never become too serious but have a general understanding of computers. You know the type who write like this 5h1+ 1m l33t 0w m0+h3rfu<3r5.
    * May indulge in defacement for message purposes.
    * Are known to get involved in hacker war games.
    * Usually have websites with good graphics.

    BBS and Warez d00ds
    * The current generation of hackers is BBS boys, they spend long amounts of time reading and posting on message boards learning and passing on knowledge.
    * There are numerous old boards with great history and new ones are appearing everyday.
    * Usually they are fairly large communities and at times get involved in long flame wars with newbies, script kiddies and lamers.
    * Helpful at times.
    * It is important that people realize many highly known boards are visited by FBI etc. to keep tabs on the latest exploits, defacements etc.

    * Also known as Black Hats
    * These guys come in two forms, Software crackers who get programs for free like warez d00ds and the evil Black Hat crackers.
    * True Crackers are intelligent guys; they can in essence hack and can easily bypass security.
    * They are not to be mistaken with script kiddies as true crackers know their stuff, they donít use other peopleís tools and are usually as smart as an ethical White Hat hacker.
    * The old age debate of Hacker/Cracker has been well-reviewed and it is true that the media should technically use the word cracker when describing people who have stolen credit card numbers or so on.

    The Ethical/True Hacker/White Hat
    * The real elite [not l33t].
    * Well these guys are the people who arenít really around any more, they are the people who once hacked but probably stopped due to the upsurge of lame script kiddies of today. They are not in large numbers these days so if you know one keep with him or her and you will learn
    * Programmers with many languages
    * Unix or Linux experts.
    * Respected members of the hacking community.
    * Helpful and non-destructive.

    Here is the list of White Hat rules taken from a tutorial by

    with info by Carolyn MyAnal
    Ascii Work by -IceCanibus
    who are apart of the r00t-access crew.
    -Thou shalt respect knowledge and freedom of information above all else in cyberlife. Thou shalt respect all systems and treat them as you would treat your own.
    -Thou shalt develop an addiction to knowledge, gaining it all the time and taking pride in new knowledge you have gained and can shre with others in your own name.
    -Thou shalt only take credit for things you have discovered yourself and give FULL credit to all revisions.
    -Thou shalt not hack systems to profit from any information contained within.
    -Thou shalt not damage or modify or make copies
    of any system whatsoever With exception to log
    files which are advisable to prevent detection
    -Thou shalt not make use of other peoples programs more than you make use of raw methods and invent your own.
    -Thou shalt e-mail every sysadmin from an anonymous account to inform him/her of the flaws in the system and where he/she can download a patch, do not fix the system yourself.
    -Thou shalt not intentionally harm a systems bandwidth and thou shalt not crash a system intentionally [including DoS]
    -Thou shalt share thine knowledge freely, not profit from any knowledge and assist all people who require knowledge.
    -Thou shalt not take stupid risks of yourself [or anybody else for that matter] on any system. This thine duty to keep all hackers out of prison.

    " end of piece.

    OK, back to me.

    The Phreakers
    * The trend of phreaking is nearly as old as hacking itself and is hacking in the sense that it involves love of technology, the want to learn how to understand communications.
    * Many phreakers are legends in the world of hacking.
    * Phreaking is fun and well respected if done correctly.

    The Legends
    * Famous crackers such as Kevin Mitnick whose jail term is a long webpage defacement issue. More recently Rapheal Gray and of course the infamous MOD group with such legends as Phiber Optik and the LOD group.
    * There is another text on famous crackers so lets not go into this now.

    The Lost
    * These guys are like myths and are known as Grey Hats, they are excellent hackers with the ability to hack many of the worlds greatest systems but donít and are said to be the old hackers who no longer speak.
    * If they exist they are good as although Great Hackers get the feds at their door or go to jail Truly Great Hackers are never caught....

    +Well not exactly but the list of types of hackers ends and there are new types growing so I ask which type will still be around in 10 years time, can the youth be trusted to become ethical white hats or are we doomed to live in the script kiddie cracker malicious world that is so rapidly taking over or will the mysterious GreyHats rise and take over.
    Who knows itís up to the people.

    How Not To Get Flamed

    Man, this is really an information tutorial as more of a funny, helpful guide for newbieís. Written months ago!

    Note About The Text
    Ok, the reason for this text is simple; at every forum newbieís get flamed. We know this because everyone was a newbie and everyone's been flamed at least once. This text in short helps show newbieís the main reasons why people get flamed and how to avoid humiliation and confrontation in forums. Flame Wars can occur on any BBS, forum, and IRC channel and so on.
    I hope this somewhat short but helpful document can explain the culture of flaming and how to avoid becoming one of its many victims.
    There are many anti-flaming forums but they are few and far between so keep reading. This text is aimed at the raw newbie so experienced BBS users will probably know this all to well.

    What is Flaming?
    Flaming is the mockery and general insults a person receives in forums, on IRC or in chartrooms that is invoked by the person themselves.
    It usually involves harsh insults, Lamer, script kiddie, etc. and so on depending on the lameness of the comment that sparked the flame war. They will usually involve the rarely used CAPS LOCK just to prove their point. It can damage reputations and make some newbieís leave forums after a single post so it can be harmful to a board to allow too much flaming.
    Most regulars if badly flamed will actually register again with a new alias as their rep has been so badly damaged. I have seen it happen to some great people and sometimes to those that really deserved it!
    Also some people are master flamers {well they like to think they are} and will indulge in humor and strange flames and well Iíve seen some weird people on them boards. These people will in turn get flamed by moderators for this but they donít really care.
    So basically flaming is a violent, mocking, funny, LARGE insult that hurts
    some poor fella's feelings...

    Reasons people get flamed
    OK, this is the most important part for the newbieís among you all. So you know what flame attacks are but why do people receive them.

    So we all like to think we're elite and so on but are wise enough to realize that most of us are not, and even if we are, bragging doesnít win anyone new friends so when some guy comes along and says,
    "Iíve just hacked hotmail, im so l33t!!!!"
    he will get flamed. You know the type, that deface geocities sites and use Sub7, well they usually believe for some strange reason they are somehow elite.

    -Asking People To Hack For You!
    A very obvious tactic of a lamer. Hereís an example:
    "My friend has lost his password to his hotmail account, how do I get it back for him"
    Now fair enough sometimes it happens but surely the lamerís friend would get his own password back, and there are ways of getting these things back from your e-mail account provider. Anyway it is simply a waste of time trying to get into your mates hotmail account as when you get in you may find yourself what will I do now Iím in?

    -Use of Capital Letters and Constant Spelling Errors
    Ok, not everyone can spell correctly 24/7 as I'm sure there are mistakes in the
    past few lines but obvious and constant errors and use of cap locks deserve a flame.
    EG. "So haw di o gut an ip abbess, **** soooooooooooooooooooooooo hARRRRRDDD!!!!"
    The reply to such statements may also use cap-locks but for insulting results...
    Remember many hackers are intelligent guys, why they should become illiterate is beyond me so keep the standard up or you may find yourself wr1tt1G |1<3 +h15....

    -Asking FAQs
    A common mistake of the newbie is to join a forum and ask a question that is
    very simple. Itís not the simplicity of the answer that annoys those in the forum but the fact that itís probably been answered 1000's of times before. This is maybe the main reason people get flamed, later on in General hints +
    Tips I have a list of the most frequently asked questions. Use A search engine...

    How to avoid a flame war
    Itís not hard to spark a flame war but itís hard to avoid flaming back when you get flamed yourself. However a flame war can ruin your reputation quickly, especially if the
    flamer had a legitimate reason to flame you.
    Remember who youíre flaming, make sure you donít flame moderators or admins or you may get banned!
    Avoid needlessly flaming newbieís when you become a regular; remember we were all newbieís once.

    General hints and tips
    Research your answers before replying in forums, nothings worse than getting it wrong when youíve been acting big and saying you can easily help out. Donít act elite unless you know your stuff as youíll only get caught out.

    Always check if your question has been answered before in forums. The most likely asked questions are listed here:
    Q- How do I use SUB7/ where can I get SUB7/ Trojan questions in general are always asked. These are lame so avoid.

    Q- The dreaded.... How do I hack hotmail/yahoo!/aol, any e-mail account?
    This is a very annoying question. You may find your topic locked up after the 100th reply calling you a lamer.

    Q- What the hell is Linux, I bet it sucks compared to Windows? Now this may get you killed, many hackers will be Linux users and rightly so with Windows lame security, I advise never to mock Linux in a chat-room or on IRC.

    Well there the main questions, Iím sure there'll be more as hacking grows always research and read texts and tutorials.
    Many questions are answered with the simple READ, READ, READ answer which basically do what your doing now. Get your hands on texts and tutorials and you will learn.
    Reading other questions posted or asked by others is a good way to learn.

    Ok thatís it now get learning and enjoy yourself, security demands a lot of time so get yourself a comfy spot around your puter and stock up on the food for those seemingly endless nights on IRC.

    Now read these. Tutorials Forum Index Official FAQ Templers FAQ

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    Great post ennis.. let's hope this one doesn't get shut down due to poor behaviour

    edit : think this part needs to be removed.. we don't have AO IRC..
    (but there's unerror .. shrekkies place ?)

    "Hitting IRC By Ennis

    Basically I would just like to add that if you havent already found your way there hit AO IRC.
    You will find that your questions get answered a hell of a lot quicker than anywhere else and its where all the AO super members hide. You may not see them amidst there ranting but there everywhere! Go now! Go!"

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    I vote this gets stuck on the front page...right under that great big advertisement.

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    Damnit if somebody turns this into a flame war I'll hunt them down and kill them.

    And thx jenjen its part of the old FAQ.

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    argh even if it's me?
    long thread ennis, watch out for RSI

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    Long time no see VK, and yes even you!

    Ennis goes and gets his gun...

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