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Thread: Bandwidth

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    Can someone please help me with min. No. of systems that suppose to use 64/64Kbps, 64/128kbps of bandwidth at a time? or if there is someone that knows how to break bandwidth to systems on a network should please assist. Size of bandwidth every workstation should use on network of 64/64Kbps

    Thank You all

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    Can you explain what you want to say/ask?
    I don't see the link between your poll and your question... hmmm .... I even do not see the link between the words in your post. If I understand clearly you have a network bandwidth of 64/128k up and down and now you want to limit that capacity to 64 up and 64 down??

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    I have a network with about 30 systems and using 64/64kbps of broadband access. I want to know the size of bandwidth distributed to each system for it usage. Approximately, the bandwidth for each system on the network. Maybe that will help me know the bandwidth 30 system should use.


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    i know my question is a bit silly but what does this poll mean


    VB Code

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    Hi, usmany

    Is your poll related to bandwidth usage or network security?

    If it is bandwidth, then I would say that all you mention should not be allowed. I would add bitmap images, sound and video and any other files that are not business related? I do not know what your business requirement is, your traffic volumes or your bandwidth cost model.

    From a security viewpoint:

    Smilies are just .gifs and I would say they are harmless.

    IM/P2P are dangerous, but can be used reasonably safely for netmeetings..........unless you have audio and video as these are not encrypted by any of the systems I have used (some time ago, that is)

    VBS or any executable is definitely a NO!

    If the numbers are small you can always require them to be sent via the administrators, given justification by the sender.

    Hope this helps?

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    I'm guessing he wants 30 computers to have 64/64k each. What kind of pipe would he need to bring into the main router so that each computer has this bandwidth?

    64dl*30 = 1920k dl
    64up*30 = 1920k up

    1920k/1920k? Assuming we have the k on the right system (kilobits, so 64k is just faster than a 56k modem...) this would mean you would need a 1.92mbit up/down line. This is just a tiny bit faster than a dedicated T1 line (1.5mbit up/down). Since that is pretty expensive, and I don't see all of these computers using that bandwidth, you might be better off getting a business class DSL line. The package would let you use a lot more bandwidth without getting kicked off than a residental package would, but might limit your ISP offerings. You could probably also get faster download speeds on a DSL line than a T1. At the least it will be cheaper since you would need less equipment for the DSL line. I think that 1.5mbit down and 768k up might be a good compromise, although if all 30 computers are downloading and uploading they won't all get the 64k you wanted... In most cases this is good chances are all of the computers won't be downloading and uploading at the same time, but rather maybe 5 at a time max, in whichcase they have lots of extra speed to use.

    Also, I'm just as confused as everyone as to the purpose of that poll...

    OR does he want to know how the 64/64 is distributed among 30 computers? In that case it is:
    64 / 30 = 2.3k down
    64 / 30 = 2.3k up
    Converting that into KB/s that you see when saving a file, that is about 0.3KB/s download per computer! Please remember that 64/64 is not much faster than a 56k modem. To me, that isn't broadband speed. For your area, though, it might be considered fast. Good luck.

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    Thank you very much Tim_axe, you are my (G) and I really appreciated your help. I well get my point and you gave me the right answer to all my question and what i wanted to know on how to get best of the bandwidth.

    64/64kbps can only serve 5 system at a time with enough for them? while more system on the 64/64 is slow?

    Guys, I don't really know what others mean with (poll)? but thanks for all the assistance and what that poll means is not well understoond by me and i dont want to know from it source and those that dont know what bandwidth is should please find its meaning from others that know.

    Thanks for all your help including anti online.


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