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Thread: no0Dle and MsMittens a couple ? :D

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    no0Dle and MsMittens a couple ? :D

    <Shrekkie> dumdedum
    <Shrekkie> blaze do you know john_lips***@hotmail ?
    <Blaze> nope
    <Blaze> why ?
    <Shrekkie> he added me on hotmail
    <Shrekkie> dunno who it is
    <Shrekkie> we'll see
    <Blaze> he's prolly mistaking you for someone else
    <Blaze> I had that all the time when I was still using MsM
    <Shrekkie> lol
    <Blaze> The Dragons_Lair prooved to be quite a popular person
    <Shrekkie> using MsM
    <Shrekkie> hahaha
    <Blaze> LMAO
    <Blaze> TYPO OF THE YEAR

    MsM should be MSN of course , thought it would be funny to post it here

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    <Blaze> !coffee
    * Penelope hands Blaze a hot cup of coffee!

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    Ok when you think that you've seen it all, and then POW outta no where it comes..
    Thought it was kinda funny, but alwell never mind.


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    omg first me and cdkj, then MsM and nOodLe, wh's next, Shrekkie and GreekGoddess (i know he wouldn't mind

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