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    Someone tought me how to bypass a firewall here at the office,it works I was able to use MIRC,yahoo messenger and view websites...I was able to use it for a couple of weeks and now it is not working....How's that? did the administrator change some settings? How do I bypass it again?

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    well this is the dummest thing i have ever heard, it can be done but only aginst some really stupid admins.
    i will not however tell you how to do it because they are disabled for a reason, and if you break it then you might get fired.

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    ok, I already know how to do it, just wondering why is it not working anymore?

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    maybe the admin noticed what you are doing and blocked it, this only works on dumb firewalls maintained by dumber admins.

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    Got another stupid question, I was able to use MIRC before and it was able to use a server port that works with it...It seems like It doesnt let me in to any of the port numbers...Did the administrator blocked all ports? Is it possible to block all ports?

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    First of all, you shouldnt be bypassing firewalls at work because theyre up for a reason. Not exactly too smart. Anyway, its hard to tell you what happened since we aren't your admin and youre not supplying any information that we could utilize to give you a response. But i would guess that the settings had changed and that he/shes buffing up security which is a good thing and maybe he/shes learing something. Atnyway, what do you need YIM and mIRC for thats work related anyway.

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    Please don't do this sort of will get fired!

    Remember if you can get out, you are leaving the door open for stuff to get in

    Another thing to consider that a firewall(s) is not the only tool your Admins will have.

    As for it "not working" anymore.....this could just be the Admins shutting down ports that are not required for business applications in response to all the exploits and malware that has been going around.....several of them will try to use P2P connections.

    Yes you can "block all ports" but only if you want to totally isolate the computer. Something obviously has to be open for network connectivity? Also you can control traffic passing through ports, and using them for unauthorised activity.

    Ask your friends (DISCRETELY!!!) if they are also blocked.....if the answer is "yes" then what you describe is probably normal network security hardening. If the answer is that they have obviously been detected and targetted?

    Take care!

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    Unless if you want to get flamed a lot or even worse get banned. Please read the F.A.Q. before you post anymore questions. If you really need money and dont want to get fired you should stop doing what you're doing.

    Just my advise.

    [ Many people on this board are admins and do not approve of what you are doing. ]
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    i use mirc to pacify my boredom, works sucks in here it bores me.... i tried all the computers here and all of them doesnt bypass ports in mirc anymore

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    Then get a different job, quit bitching and above all, STOP MAKING A FOOL OF YOURSELF.

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