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Thread: Securing Windows XP

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    Securing Windows XP

    Built my parents a XP box and I've noticed a few security holes.
    I found this url, but it didn't answer all of my questions:

    Win XP Security

    1. How do I set it up so end users can't launch .exe files?

    2. How do I keep end-users out of each other's directories? It seems like there are only
    two account types: Admin and Super Users

    3. How do I give access to programs and keep others away from other programs on the machine?


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    Why would you want that end users cannot run *.exe files?
    Then they would not be able to execute any program, wouldn't they?

    You should, IMHO, try through registry editing or profile settings, to disable the start button, and also disable some of the buttons on the ctr+alt+del screen. Those of the screen should be done through reg editing, i think. Take a look at:


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    Hi JockvsJock,

    What XP is it?...........I am too drunk to go and start mine up but I will look later.............on NT4 and Win2K you can create more than one or two types of user........there should be a "Guest" as well...........many recommend that you get rid of the "guest" account and rename the others.

    With NT4 and 2K you can create "Workgroups" or "User Groups". You assign authority to the Group, and make the user a member of the group that has the authorities you want. XP is based on the NT family so should have the same facility, but I don't have the "home" edition.

    I am not sure what you mean about .exe, and sparkant seems confused as well. I am being lazy, but please check out the security tutorials.....I have three in there which give you links to software that prevents EXECUTABLES being run from places they shouldn' Outlook, IE and so on. Is this what you are looking for? They would have to go out of their way to launch malware from these.

    Built my parents a XP box
    And you don't want them to run .exe could always take out the fuse

    Sorry, I think I know exactly what you also look at RegistryProt from

    Tell your parents that if it asks if they want the Registry changed, say "NO" It is a fine second level security defence tool.


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    Seeing how we are on the topic of securing XP, I figured I'd drop this link

    Windows XP: Surviving the First Day


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    if you have xp pro you can set up administrative user and limited user from control panel>user account>create a new have option to set it as admin or will find a guess account there too.
    if you go to control panel>administrative tools>computer managment.then on left side you will see local users and groups and cluick users and you will see all accounts there.if you right clik them you will get options to remove them or set a password or whatever.
    if you click groups you can see all the users or options there.with right click you can do your prefered can rename them etc.create power user or whatever.
    it is good security mesure ( which i learnt here)to rename administrator account and create it under some diferent name.also keep guest accoutn disabled.
    here is one of my prefered sites to explore xp tricks,tips and tweaks got golden web award for 2002/2003 and 2003/2004.enjoy.good luck hope this helps.
    site is

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    sry all site is
    lucky i chech always

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