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    Question router,tcp/ip,proxy

    just want to get educated what is the differences between a router,tcp/ip,and proxy? If they are not relevant what are their uses and meanings? I also heard that you can hack using MSDOS without using any other software, Is it true? What is PING for?

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    Router : A device that determines the next network point to which a data packet should be forwarded enroute toward its destination. The router is connected to at least two networks and determines which way to send each data packet based on its current understanding of the state of the networks it is connected to. Routers create or maintain a table of the available routes and use this information to determine the best route for a given data packet.
    Tcp/Ip : - (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol) - The protocols, or conventions, that computers use to communicate over the Internet.
    TCP : is the Transmission Control Protocol. It is used to establish connection-oriented, sequenced and error-free sessions over IP networks.
    IP : An identifier for a computer or device on a TCP/IP network. Networks using the TCP/IP protocol route messages based on the IP address of the destination. The format of an IP address is a 32-bit numeric address written as four numbers separated by periods. Each number can be zero to 255. For example, could be an IP address.
    Within an isolated network, you can assign IP addresses at random as long as each one is unique. However, connecting a private network to the Internet requires using registered IP addresses (called Internet addresses) to avoid duplicates.

    The four numbers in an IP address are used in different ways to identify a particular network and a host on that network. Three regional Internet registries -- ARIN, RIPE NCC and APNIC -- assign Internet addresses from the following three classes.

    Class A - supports 16 million hosts on each of 126 networks
    Class B - supports 65,000 hosts on each of 16,000 networks
    Class C - supports 254 hosts on each of 2 million networks

    The number of unassigned Internet addresses is running out, so a new classless scheme called CIDR is gradually replacing the system based on classes A, B, and C and is tied to adoption of IPv6.
    PING - Packet Internet Groper; a utility used to determine whether a particular computer is currently connected to the Internet. It works by sending a packet to the specified IP address and waiting for a reply.
    As for what a proxy is click<< What is Proxy Server? Proxy Server Definition >> that should give you a good understanding.

    Hope that helps.

    Note: Give this site a visit <<Howstuffworks>>
    Very good place to learn how things work and even easy to understand for anyone.

    Also make sure that you do a search on this site.

    Remember to use [ Google ] whenever you can.

    Give these other sites a visit as well :
    << Webopedia >>
    << TechDictionary >>
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    That was very nice of you Agent_Steal..........

    Amplified Girl,

    I suggest you start using some of the tools that have been suggested to you in your many posts....or you will start getting severly negged.

    TCP\IP, Proxies and routers are all very different things.
    Read the links that have been provided................its a place to start

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