Benign - B9 Test & Evaluation

I had the opportunity to test and evaluate Benign. Benign is "the state of the art" email filtering application, which compliments ones antivirus and trojan software giving ones pc a extra layer of protection from unknown virus,worms,and malicous scripts. The following is direct quotes from "Firetrust Products" that have developed B9.
Imagine being able to receive e-mail which is safe from viruses, worms, scripts, web bugs, privacy threats and other security risks, without affecting your e-mail.

Benign neutralizes or strips out the code that makes viruses, worms, scripts and other potentially harmful things run. That's why we called it Benign, it makes downloading your e-mail safe.
The key point that makes Benign different is the approach that has been taken to ensuring the security of your e-mail. Whereas the majority of programs attempt to solve the problem by trying to scan for the specific problems they are aware of, Benign does it 'the proper way' - it fully decodes the e-mail, removes anything dangerous or malicious, and then rewrites the e-mail in such a way as to guarantee that it will be interpreted by the your mail program as it should be. This is all done instantly
With new viruses and worms being released all the time, antivirus companies have to quickly write new code to stop these new threats, only when they have been notified of the new threat. This doesn't help you! you may have already received the virus, or not updated your antivirus software in time, thereby causing havoc to your computer.
In the case of e-mail worms, these can spread so quickly across thousands of computers that widespread damage and embarrassment can occur. Don't wait until your antivirus software is updated; use Benign to neutralise all future attacks!
HTML e-mail allows you to send fancy looking e-mail to your friends. What is not widely known is it can contain scripts and ActiveX components to automatically run programs to delete or modify files or let an outside user spy on you. Benign can strip out and rewrite the bad HTML or the entire HTML so just plain text is left.

Attachments can contain viruses or other threats. Some e-mail programs allow these attachments to run automatically as soon as a user previews a message. The most virulent virus ever, the Klez virus exploits this vulnerability. Benign can strip these attachments out or just rename them so they won't run.

E-mail can contain embedded images to track those who read their messages. As soon as you preview the e-mail, it will send back information to the sender to say you have read their message and so the sender knows you have a working address and can send you more junk. Benign strips out this identifier information.

Most e-mail programs are able to be exploited by viruses and e-mail worms. Benign can prevent you being a victim of this vulnerability.
A.) I ran tests from GFI Email Security Testing Zone, and B9 passed them all.
You can test B9 yourself from their site:

B.) I also ran 17 seperate tests against B9 from :
and B9 passed them all!

Benign is a winner from my point of view.....but...try it your self and run the same tests that I have and I think you'll agree its a excellent addition to email security and compliments your current antivirus and anti-trojan software.
Benign home page is: