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Thread: fport/pslist front end in Delphi

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    fport/pslist front end in Delphi

    I recently acquired Delphi7 but I’ve been rather lazy (reluctant to try) about using it so this afternoon when I woke up it seemed like time to do something with it.

    Attached is a zip file containing fport, pslist and a file called snoop.exe which is a gui for them, made using shellapi.

    The whole project is rather crude and there’s allot more I could do with it but id like to get some feedback on it first. It runs fine on my Win2kpro machine and as I understand it there shouldn’t be anything I need to include in the way of run times but need to be sure before I continue and add more features.

    TIA for any feed back
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    Pro's: Quick and easy, fits on a floppy, writes a txt file to the local folder......

    Con's: Txt file is named the same for both pslist and fports so you can only do one or the other, the formatting onscreen is hard to read since the tabs misalign the columns.

    Runs fine on Win2k SP4.... Nice first effort....
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