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Thread: Moderators Incited

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    Moderators Incited

    Hello To EveryOne

    I need Moderators For My Forum. It Is An Hacking, Web Developement Forum.

    EveryOne Are Invited.

    the Site is



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    mmm.. ever heard of spam.. well thats what your post is.. take it elsewhere whale boy..

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    Computers do not have problems, they have users.

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    By the way guys, I am starting a cult and I need some members; I will supply serimonial garp. Thanks in advance!
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    Originally posted here by Lansing_Banda
    By the way guys, I am starting a cult and I need some members; I will supply serimonial garp. Thanks in advance!
    lol, count me in if i get some cool robe, but none of that funky purple **** like the Heavens Gaters wore :P

    Warning: Incoming Flame

    spechackers > you obviously are a total n00b if your going to come here asking for modeators for your site. You only have 2 post to your credit here, and a mere 36 posts on your forums. For that miniscule ammount of traffic you shouldnt need more than one admin/moderator to take care of that. Would you really give out moderator status to someone you barely know here? I surely hope not! If your going to spam here, the least you can do is a proper spamming for something you need (ie contributing members) rather than moderators.
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    Wow, can I really? I just filled out the moderator application on your site. I sure hope that I am skilled enough to be a moderator.

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    i dont think they really need mods. they already have more mods than members. they had most 8 member online at once that was a few days back. i made just 1 post and it was 50% of the post made in the form. this thread is just to advertise their form. sheer spamming nothing else

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    I thought the Mittens and Ennis were throwing down or something..

    Moderators Incited
    /wanders away to find coffee

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    It'd be nice if people just didn't respond to this stuff. Sigh.

    Thread closed.
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