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Thread: John the Ripper troubles

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    John the Ripper troubles

    I'm having problems with John the Ripper. I am currently doing a wargame and I got a "password file" that gives the password to the next level. It gives it in the format of

     shadowÆÄÀÏÀÇ level8 Æнº¿öµå ºÎºÐÀÌ´Ù.
    I tried breaking it into 2 different files in my run directory of John and unshadowing it. Them being..

    level8:Æнº¿öµå ºÎºÐÀÌ´Ù.
    And then running the unshadow program like so..

    ./unshadow passwd shadowd

    It doesn't do anything though. Also I can't get John to load a wordlist and crack a unshadowed password. I thought it was just ./john -wordlistassword.lst -rules passwordfile , but that doesn't work. As you see I don't really understand this too well, and I can't find anything of any use to me. Thanks for the help

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    I am not going to say how to do it, but if you looked through the documentation of John, you would see that unshadow is for combining the password/shadow file for systems that have shadowed password files (a very necessary security precaution). For example:


    root:x:0:0:Super User:/:/bin/sh


    On old unix systems, the salt/encryption would have been in /etc/passwd where the X is. All unshadow does is take xxxxxxxxxxx and put it in the passwd file where x is.

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    Thats my problem. I looked through EVERY documentation in johns /doc folder with nothing that helped me. With what you gave me, would I set up the pass file like..

    and the shadow as..

    I did that going by what you showed me. But if you look at what I started out with, I'm having problems on how to set that up.

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    Have you tried it without the use of a wordlist or any other options to test?

    ./John Filename
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    Ah, it looks like your doing the hackerslab wargame. I passed that level. Anyways, yes...on this level, just save a .txt file with this info "level8:VoE4HoQCFfMW2".
    First, you're going to want a file with the passwords (dictionary)...a good one too, to make sure it doesn't miss any words. Then, the rest is pretty simple, type this in the directory of your john.exe with the command prompt:

    john -w: password.lst file1

    (changing file1 to your filename that you saved)
    It should display: "Loaded 1 password..."
    Then it will save a POT file in that directory.
    Open that up to see what it decrypted the password to.

    If you have anymore questions about this level or about higher levels, email me:

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