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Thread: Cosmi Firewall

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    Question Swift Platinum Security and Privacy Suit - Firewall: Cosmi Firewall

    Is this a good firewall to have? I pick it up at a local store for like $3.99. so I'm wondering if is as good as it's worth?

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    Hey Tetrismaster101,

    I did a lil' google search for the product you mentioned, and I didn't get one hit, not one. If google doesn't recognized it, I'm pretty sure it's not worth it. Before you say no to it, look at the package and find out what it has in accordance with the McAfee or Norton. If they're similar, which I'm damned sure they're not, then get it because you just got yourself a deal.

    Chances are it is not one bit remotely similar to those.

    Go with McAfee or Norton. I have McAfee and I haven't had a single ping or hit in a couple years. McAfee and Norton also have updates to continuesly keep up with those stupid black hats. Hope that helps!

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    I found it

    Without downloading it and trying it, who can really say how good it is, or isn't?

    Tetrismaster, why don't you give it some tests and let us know how they turn out. If it works, for that price you can't hardly go wrong.

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    Well I don't know your budget, but for $3.99 I would just buy it out of curiosity and use it for "educational purposes"

    Thanks for the "heads up"......they don't sell online, only through stores

    My cousin is coming over from Washington and my bro in law from Alabama in the next few weeks..............I think that it, and several other COSMI products will be on the "wish list"

    Even if it does not work very well, it would be an interesting experiment? "why" doesn't it work very well?...Hey, I am not saying that it does not work...just justifying a $4 spend on something other than Michelob?

    Cheers and many thanks for the information guys

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