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Thread: Is there a website to report possible fraudlent or spamming websites?

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    Question Is there a website to report possible fraudlent or spamming websites?

    Hello all-

    I'm just getting into the IT Security work and I noticed something already. Our company keeps getting spam from this site:

    I'm not sure if there is a reporting agency where you can report websites sending out spam.

    The only other options I can think of right now along with checking with other security people here, is to create rules or filters to block that spam or have people change e-mail addresses, but I believe this does not address the real problem and we could have this pop back up again.

    Please advise.


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    You can report spam to SpamCop -

    For your situation, you are on the right track - create filters either at your firewall or your mail server to block all mail from Should eliminate the spam coming from that domain, at least.

    Changing the email addresses for your users isn't usually a feasible option - we however, because of policy, changed our entire email addressing scheme about a year and a half ago and my users experienced a huge drop in the amount of spam they received.
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    I get junk mail from different domains all the time - the easiest way to stop them is just to add a filter to your incoming mail server to either bounce them (uses more resources, but can help diagnose problems) or delete them (usually by sending them to /dev/null).

    These two pages on might be useful: - How they block emails (guidelines etc.)
    Who to complain to

    You might want to take up some of their policies on blocking email, since many spammers don't conform to RFCs when sending mail, or follow their chain of command for reporting abuse (obviously substituting the correct addresses for the domains you are complaining about).
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    Spam filtering applications are also a good way to go for a medium to large business, or check with your ISP (if you use one) as many ISP's now provide spam filtering.

    Some applications to look at are McAfee Spamkiller or iHateSpam


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    You can use spamcop as Maverick suggested but you can also take alook at the headers to see where it got posted from. Then use whois to find the ISP responsible for that IP and send them an abuse email containing the headers.

    Search around AO, I'm sure there are some tutorials on how to trace spam.
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    Just a quick thanks for all your help!

    I am forwarding off to our Collaborative Services group.

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