This is my last post as a newbe sigh... (gasp) (of course i will remain a newb by heart)

well first mile stone reached I am a Jr Mem now. it's been a while since i joined AO (2 months if i remember corectly). I learnet a lot here and hoping to continue the learning process. my experience at Ao has been Good wellllllllll Mostly. there have been a few incidents that might have been avoided. as a newb ( which i was) i faced certailn problem which i think most newbs face. first problem i think no newb takes time to read the FAQ even if they do crap man (thats the attitude). all the time we see a nebe breaking into a thread with a one liner(not even a one line one word lol) iagree, yep, lol, nice. and start getting neg AP's for that
and before he could whats wrong a message says "U ARE PAIN IN THE ASS ". i think neging them is not the solution no matter how many FAQ's u read when u enter a alian place it takes time getting used to it learning the rules and ethis of a new community/ family or whatever u call it. i think a more proper way could be tell them this is not a good thing to do rather negging them. yes o course if he/she insists on the one liners or off topics use the stick.

theres this huge banner welcoming me every time i enter this place lol

WARNING! Members of the AntiOnline Community, as a collective, have decided that you are becoming a problem. If your behavior is not altered for the better soon, your account will be automatically banned.

Don't worry, you still have a chance to redeem yourself! Start posting useful threads. Help answer people's questions. Have you been flaming people? Stop! Have you been asking inappropriate questions like "How Can I Hack HotMail"? Stop! If our users see that you're making an effort to change your behavior for the better, your AntiPoint total will start to go back up, and this message will go away! However, if you continue to be a pain in the ass, your account will be removed by our AntiPoint System!
read carefully it says
Have you been flaming people?

inappropriate questions like "How Can I Hack HotMail"?
ha ha ha hack hotmail ha ha ha lol

still at one time i had -190 (Neg AP's )

i didnt flame any body . and hack hotmail well come on get serious why do i need to hack hotmail

ok ok i admit i have earned some of them (not more than 10-15%) of them). that too during my being a absolute newb( during my 1st 2nd 3rd post yes that kainda of newb). but it was not more that i think 32 somethin neg AP's the rest of them i tell u has no relevence to any post i made(no sir not at all). it was all about my Avtar no it wasnt a sexually offending moron dancing around, no definately wasnt a scary ghost or zombie that would have scared to death a few people, no it wasnt &&*%$, and also **@#%% and **&&^%$#. it was just a good luck sign , yep thats right a good luck sign a simple goooooooooooooooooodd luck sign. i received more than 100 neg AP's for that.

A symbol or ornament in the form of a Greek cross with the ends of the arms at right angles all in the same direction, and each prolonged to the height of the parallel arm of the cross. A great many modified forms exist, ogee and volute as well as rectilinear, while various decorative designs, as Greek fret or meander, are derived from or closely associated with it. The swastika is found in remains from the Bronze Age in various parts of Europe, esp. at Hissarlik (Troy), and was in frequent use as late as the 10th century. It is found in ancient Persia, in India, where both Jains and Buddhists used (or still use) it as religious symbol, in China and Japan, and among Indian tribes of North, Central, and South America. It is usually thought to be a charm, talisman, or religious token, esp. a sign of good luck or benediction. Max MuLler distinguished from the swastika, with arms prolonged to the right, the suavastika, with arms prolonged to the left, but this distinction is not commonly recognized. Other names for the swastika are fylfot and gammadion.
simple request would have done the trick all that was requiterd was a simple plllllllllllllllllllls and would have changed it. but nobody cared to ask. i finally changed on a very polite request of Negative "change it or i will neg u" (the one eyed monster --just kidding ). all this could have been avoided if members could have been littlee nice to a poor newbe.

-- okay okay moral of the story pls pls pls pls pls pls be a littel nice to newbs. its not very easy being a newb u know.

i have a learned a lot from u guyz i would like to continu doing so. i would try to post good and relevent posts and try to give back to the community what i am getting from them (hmmmmm negs lol)