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Thread: ATI or 80GB HD

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    ATI or 80GB HD

    Well i got like $90 in my pocket and i would like to spend them somehow...
    Visited today and saw these two things
    ATI TV WONDER VE TV Tuner and Video Capture for PC $49.99
    80.0GB Internal Hard Drive $99.99
    I'd like to have them both but can't not yet that is....
    I just wanna see what you guys might think of this...which one i should buy


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    Hard Drive!! Hard Drive!!

    You ain't gonna watch TV on your computer because a couch is SOO much better!
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    yea i was thinking th HD because i only got 8/40 GB left...enything i download i need to write onto CDs to make room for other stuff...i think 80 GB would help a lot
    but with the card i can record movies and shows from the tv...that would be a pretty cool thing also
    but i think ima go with the buy also had 60GB HD for $60 but it sais its sold out...ima have to call them and see if they got any od those left...60 and 80 isn't much difference

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    i got TV Wonder (Scriptkiddie you saw) and it's pretty good, i lay on my bed and watch TV without anyone disturbing me, i got the 5.1 Surround Sound System in my room, all i need is one of those 92 inch monitors and i got myself a theater. But yeah HardDrive comes first.

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    Definately the hard drive. The TV card is fine if you are short of space like living in one room. You also need to think where you want your computer, unless you have very good TV reception. Where I am, reception is poor, and we don't have cable. Portable TVs will work in some rooms in the house and not in others, so I need a tall roof aerial......there are no connectors close to where I have my computers. Anyways I can kill aliens and watch TV at the same time when I am in the lounge

    I guess you will want two HDDs, that is, you will add the new one as an extra drive?

    1. Try to keep them as far apart in your 5.25" stack as you can and fit a front fan that sucks air in over them. An exhaust fan that fits one of the PCI slots is not a bad idea either. You must prevent the build up of stale air around the drives or they will die on you, particulatly 7200rpm ones.

    2. Make your fastest drive the "C" (if there is a difference) I know it is a pain in the butt to do the data transfer, and it is a great temptation to just stick it in and get it running, but you will notice the performance difference. For example I stuck a 60Gig drive and a 52xCD into a PI/133 and now it benchmarks to 15% of a PII/266

    3. Having said that, make sure that you have at least 256Mb of RAM first. So your other option might be RAM + TV card?

    Sorry if this is confusing, I am just thinking of what would be the best $value


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    yeah, i too agree with the hard drive bandwagon. that card is a nice card for the money (most ati's are) but really if you want one for tv watching and capturing, i would save up my money and get an ati all in wonder... these babies allow for quality capturing from all types of input, they allow for output to tv, so you can put like power point or downloaded movies on your tv screen (or movies to tape if you desire... also this is a easy and economic way to solve the dvd player issue... if you have a dvd rom and hook your puter to your tv, you don't need a dvd player anymore.
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    So its decided lol Hard Drive...thank you all for helping me make up my mind


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    can record movies and shows from the tv
    You need hard drive space to save them locally!
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    Take the $$ and store it for now. Staples, Best Buy and others will often run the loss leader / rebate deal to get you in the store. The Friday after Thanksgiving I bought an 80gb HD for 39.99 (after i get the rebate that is).

    Patience, grasshopper. Patience.

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