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Thread: unwanted ARP's

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    unwanted ARP's

    well i been monitering my home network traffic between my few computers to get an idea and my xp box keeps sending out ARP's to an unused ip. I recently set up a windoez box on that IP but then formated and but Linux on with the same name sept a dif IP but i cant stop the arps

    ISnt there a file in windoez you can edit like linux i remember someone telling me about anyhelp would be good thanks
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    What kind of Network Card is it?
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    Could you paste an example of such an arp request ?

    Btw isnt arp always broadcasted to mac ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff (all) ? That way it'll try to reach all boxes in the subnet.
    Also that ip could be in your routing table and since that originated box is gone, it searches its mac.

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    Try clearing your ARP table.

    Drop to a command line and type "arp" without the quotes. You'll get a command list. Now, type "arp -a" which will give you the current ARP table of your machine. "arp -d host" will remove the entry from the ARP table.

    Do this on all machines that have out of date ARP tables.

    I'm guessing this is what you are talking about.

    If you ping a host, it will add an ARP entry to your ARP table so if you delete one by mistake, this is how you can it back.

    Hope this helps.
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