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Thread: MSN virus hits the net

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    MSN virus hits the net

    The above sentences are produced by the propaganda and indoctrination of people manipulating my mind since 1987, hence, I cannot be held responsible for this post\'s content - me

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    Thanks for the heads up

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    Traditional AV soultions have always seemed a bit weak to me when it comes to P2P/Chat applications?

    BitDefender Antivirus - Free Edition for MSN Instant Messenger
    This may be a solution. They also have free downloads for other P2P applications.


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    Just wondering how many MSN users on this board have actually encountered it so far? I have yet to either see or hear of someone who has seen it.


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    I have not encountered this actual virus but did encounter one a while ago (maybe 4yrs!?) that spread in much the same way. It msg'd all contacts with a msg like :::

    You gotta see this!!!
    accept file pic123.jpg.exe

    the virus did not do anything destructive - it simplly created a folder in c: containg a txt file explaining that the virus writer had made it as an example of how vunerable IM clients are when it comes to spreading virii.

    The removal was fairly simple just a matter of killing the process and removing reg/autoex entries and deleting the infected file.

    I do not know how similar this virus is to that one but these kinds of virii are by no means new

    the one i encountered did not show the infected person that they were sending a request for someone on their member list to download a file. I assume any others would be the same (you would get a lil sus if it displayed it ) So if someone tries to send a file out of the blue to you through an IM ask them what it is first before accepting - if they were not aware they were sending a file there is a high chance they have some form of infection.


    edit >> btw I wrote a small .bat & .reg file(s) to clear infections from the virus I encountered (got so sick of my non-computer literate friends sending requests like constantly for me to d/l the virus that I wrote it for them) I no longer have it but if anyone knows the virus I'm talking about (can't remember the name soz) and needs help in removing it PM me and I could prolly recreate the files.

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