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    Slave Drive

    I just read Scriptkiddies problem and this is a little different so i started a new thread. I just installed a new 80gb western digital hdd today as a slave. I went into bios and auto configed it and its recognized. But when i go into windows it doesnt show up in My Computer. I know in the manual it said to enable LBA or Translation but i couldnt find where to enable those so i suspect thats the problem. So basically when i go into bios or use the floppy that came with it, the drives recognized but i cant store anything on it. Also one more thing, would i need to install windows on the slave too or can it be run from the master? thanks.


    Okay yeah i need to install windows but now im having trouble figuring out how. I tried putting in the XP installation cd but it didnt allow me to install it on the new hard drive, only to repair or overwrite the existing one on the master drive. The only option the disk gave me that came with the drive was to partition the drive and copy over files from the master drive. Is there anyway i can just install the OS without all the other files i dont need to copy over?

    Edit 2: Its runnin Xp Home.

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    Did you attempt to create partitions on insatallation?

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    AFAIK, windows can't be installed on a slave drive.. I am definate in the fact that I could be wrong

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    Well, the floppy formats and partitions the drive when you try to copy files over and we were in the middle of that and then the power went out, it was also going to take about 10 hours which is a pain. Groovicus, if you cant install windows on a slave, can you access and save files on it?

    Edit: If indeed you dont need windows on a slave then could i switch my slave and master drives so that i install windows on the new drive. If i did this could i run programs from the older drive?

    Im kind of confused as to how a slave works, is it kind of like a CD-R where you can just save data onto it and it doesnt need an OS or anything to moderate it, or is it just like having a second computer.

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    It would basically be like another partition, with a seperate drive letter, so your analogy of a CD-R would be a close approximation.

    You can switch your slave and master drives, and then install windows on the new's up to you. It gets a little dodgy sometimes trying to get everything to be recognized, and leaving windows on the slave drive may cause problems...but we're stretching the realm of my experience here...

    Before you do decide to switch things around, try to google something like "install xp slave drive" and see if I am even correct about not being able to install to a slave drive.

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    Ahhh, i think ive got it, i went into administrative tools to format/partition it instead of using the software that came with it and it seems to be working, thanks for the help, if something goes wrong ill just follow up with another post.

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    you can't install windows to a slave drive.... you can install a second OS to a slave drive or even on a partition for a dual boot but windows is stupid and doesn't allow itself to be installed on a slave. you can install windows to the master and then have the second drive there for data storage (assuming you don't have it set for a diual boot situation) as for your problem though, make sure you installed the drive (it should have come with a floppy.... the lba option is in bios but that is if you personally configure.... if you let bios find the drive and do it automatically.... it will do lba automatically.
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