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Thread: Something to aim for?

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    Something to aim for?

    Well I know people have the Addicts forum to aim for but with the post whoring these days is it really something to aim for?

    Well here's an idea. Wont dont you have an invisable forum for the most hardcore AO'ers. Basically access is restricted to those that really keep things going, maybe as a way in a combo of tutorials written and security posts which we measure now.

    I say this because I want to have something to make me write stuff and anser questions. There aint no incentive for the older members either and they obviously have the most knowledge!

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    Shouldn't we share our knowledge with all members? The AO Addicts forum is something to talk about other members and security exploits which ScriptKiddies may use for something illegal. But it would be nice to have another Site Beneffit.

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    Having another site benefit would be great but it would have to be some thing that would make it worth while to earn and make it so you would have to have enough security posts or what ever to gain access to it. that is just what I think should be done if it is Implemented

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    A new site benefit would be nice.

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    i think that there is little need for incentive other then the desire to share knowledge... if you are here just to horde knowledge then that is silly.... it would be nice to have an incentive of sorts but i don't know of a very practical way to measure for acceptance... especially since all posts would have to be "quality checked" and that would take excess time and man power.
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