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    Hello everyone,
    I just installed Red Hat 7.2 distro on my PC. I wanted to dual boot it with windows XP. I chose Grub as my boot loader. But somehow GRUB is only showing Red Hat and I can only boot into Red Hat. My windows XP partition is till there and boot.ini is fine. But grub.conf havnt got any clue about Windows. It is not showing the option at the grub screen(during the booting ) to boot into windows. Pease somebody post the configuration of their grub.conf file that have a dual boot windows XP so that I can configure my grub.conf file. I hope no security concerns. Although I am googling the issue , but I wanted to share it with AO community, might help someone else as well.
    Thank you

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    Sounds like you didn't choose the option during install that keeps all partitions in tact.

    Here is a link that will help you out. It was discussed the other day. In fact, I just cut & pasted this from my post.

    As a matter of best practice, I *always* start with the oldest OS first then work my way up to the newest. The tutorial covers everything including proper partitioning, which tends to be the place where many people get hosed up.

    Good luck
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