Hey all--

Long time no post, well that's mainly due to the fact that I am taking a lot of computer courses that will get me prepared for the 1st choice college I got accepted to! I am going to major in Applied Networking and Administration ( so excited ) but anyway I am kinda at odds here and need a little help.

Our teacher for CISCO pt.1 gave us a lot of hw over the holiday break one of the worksheets he gave us is on a new topic that we are have started which should be familliar to most of you, Subnetting. I've looked at the cirriculum and the notes I took but I can't get some of the questions. I've e-mailed my teacher but unfortunatly I haven't gotten back a response so in the meantime I figured I should ask here since you all could probly offer better insight as it is heh heh...

Here it goes ok, he gives us the IP address, and the subnet mask From this he asks a bunch of questions such as...

What is he class of the IP?
-- I'm thinking it's a class B
What is the default subnet mask?
-- I put
What is the broadcast address of this network?
-- This is where I get confused
How many bits have I borrowed?
How many subnets have I created?
How many usable subnets do I have?
How many host do I have per subnet?
How many usable hosts do I have per subnet?
What are the vaild IP ranges per subnet?

I would greatly appreciate any insight to this. I think if I got the broadcast address question I could figure out the rest but I dunno? Thanks again for your time.

-- Peace