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Thread: What is a Alexa key? I'm being hacked.

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    Unhappy What is a Alexa key? I'm being hacked.

    I know I'm being hacked for some time now. But being a novice at this I don't know who to get help from. I use the system for business and cannot put alot of info on the internet because of this. I recently found out that there is a Alexa key on my computer. I have a good idiea who is doing this but cannot discuss it until I get more conformation. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Alexa is a regeistry key that is from Microsoft. It is flagged by some anti-adware products as spyware. Here is some information on the key from Spybot Search & Destroy.

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    This will explain it a little better:

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    If you detected this Alexa key via Adaware or some sort of spyware detection app (or visually in your Win registry) than what you are looking at is ad/spyware used to track your web surfing habits. It's classified as a data miner.

    So if this is the only thing on your PC you probably aren't or aren't being hacked.

    How did you detect this? Do you have some sort of anti-spyware app installed? Antivirus current?

    More details...

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    I was wondering the same thing about what "Alexa" was when ad-aware found it a few months ago. But for some reason when I deleted it Internet Explorer refused to work. Has this ever happened to any of you guys before ?

    [Operating System = Windows 98]
    [Web Browser = Version 6 ]

    But I now use Mozilla Firebird so everything is all better.
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    I deleted it with no repercussions (Win XP, IE6.?)

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