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    i know this is a security website...
    but is there any section where we can discuss our programming related problems.. like, errors, exceptions etc.
    i know theres one - "Code Review", but it is again for testing code... can we have one small sectiona totally dedicated to programming...
    this is a very nice n helpful site...
    just a suggestion..
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    Hey riya_here,

    Is this what you're looking for?

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    JagFire, no. I believe riya_here is referring to a section that would be for general programming questions rather than programming security questions or posting code itself for correction (code review forum). The forums that have security at the end of them are oriented towards questions about security rather than general questions (which is why threads are moved from those locations to others -- they often lack the security component).

    The one thing about this is that this site is supposed to be oriented towards security. Opening up more general forums might orient this more towards general repair or tech support rather than security.
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