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    GFI Languard

    I just recently got this new software program called GFI Landguard Security Scanner. When you first look at it you may deem it a hacking tool because it scans ports of other people's IPs, but it is in fact a very useful tool to help your friends out because it reveals if your friends have any bio ports open and also tells you if you have any security alerts. The interface on this program is abover average and has gotten a 100% rating on

    I use windows 98se still and I was fortunate enough to know how to plug my bio ports 135 137 and 139 etc etc. so this tool has helped me and my friends tremendously. here is the link.

    there is also another program called super scanner which allows you to scan you own ports and see which ports are open at any various time. here is the link for this

    most advance users already know about this stuff, but for beginners i would think these programs should be a useful tool to have. heres more info on how to plug ur bio ports. (a lot of XP users have asked me how to plug their bio ports and unfortunately i do not know what to tell them as XP has a different method)

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    Yeh, GFI Languard is a great program. Just last night I scanned my school webserver for our admin, produced a printable report of it, and emailed it to her, all using this program. We didn't have any *major* messups, but there were a few.

    Another program that I would recommend is called N-Stealth. I'm too lazy to find the address for it, but a simply google search will yield many results, and it's a great one too for finding screw-ups in your system(s).

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    Yea I had some good times with it for my servers..There have been times where it gave me false-positives on certain things, that made me slam my head and throw ****, because I was trying to decide why it was saying that I had a mail server up when I was certain I didn't lol...Good for testing though
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    Hmmmmm, wierd. I had nothing but bad results with it. Nessus is the only way I travel.

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    Yeah, I've had some issues with it too: it is a good tool for some things (re.; NetBIOS enum) but is definitely not a comprehensive tool. It is promoted as a vulnerability testing tool and I found it pretty limited in that arena but again has some good merits to it.

    I agree with Hoss about Nessus and have also found eEye's Retina as a very good vulnerability testing tool if that is what you are looking for.

    Glad to hear it helped you.

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    Have to agree with you both..nessus is better. GFI has some nice features, but I personally don't like it. I'm with ric-o, I use Retina.

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