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Thread: EU Anti-Semitic?

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    EU Anti-Semitic?

    Jewish Group Says European Commission Anti-Semitic
    Fri January 02, 2004 05:15 PM ET

    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Two Jewish leaders accuse the European Commission of encouraging anti-Semitism by releasing a "flawed" poll accusing Israel of being the greatest threat to world peace and then by failing to release a report on the involvement of Muslin minorities in anti-Semitic incidents.
    In a piece to be published on Monday in the Financial Times, World Jewish Congress President Edgar Bronfman and European Jewish Congress President Cobi Benatoff said, "Anti-Semitism can be expressed in two ways: by action and inaction. Remarkably, the European Commission is guilty of both.

    "First, the Commission released a flawed and dangerously inflammatory poll, which purported to name Israel the greatest threat to world peace. Then, it censored a study commissioned by its own Monitoring Center that reported on the involvement of Muslim minorities in incidents of mounting European anti-Semitism. Let us not mince words: both of these actions were politically motivated."

    The poll, released in November, reported that 59 percent of respondents -- citizens of the European Union-- answered yes when asked if Israel posed a threat to world peace, a higher percentage than those who opted for other countries including North Korean, Libya and Iran.

    The Commission, an arm of the European Union, disassociated itself from its survey with the EU presidency saying the poll did not reflect the group's position on the Middle East.

    The World Jewish Congress, which released a copy of Bronfman's and Benatoff's article on Friday, said it was starting a global campaign soon to secure passage of a stand-alone U.N. resolution condemning anti-Semitism.

    "At the last U.N. General Assembly session, Arab states torpedoed an effort on the part of the Irish to introduce such a resolution, WJC executive vice president Elan Steinberg said, adding that the initial step was to seek the resolution's adoption at a conference of European nations next April.


    Polls can be made to say anything at all. what do people really think
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    Polls don't mean squat. I can prove that eating pickles increases your chances of dying in a plane crash; 95% of all airplane crash fatalities have eaten pickels in the 3 months preceeding the crash.

    Also 40% of road accidents involve alcohol. That means that 60% of accidents are committed by sober drivers. By that logic, it's safer to drive drunk.

    Who did they survey? Where did they survey? Was there a control group present? Were similar polls conducted in Saudi Arabia and the United States? And more imoprtantly, why was this poll conducted?

    These questions we must answer before considering any of the poll's results.
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    It's fairly obvious that Europe is as anti semitic as always. They hated jews
    when jews were viewed as sleazy weaklings, and they hate them all
    the more when they have established their own state and proven willing
    to fight to defend themselves.

    How many jews have hijacked an airliner lately?
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    Actually, as far as the "hijacking" stuff goes, you will only find such suicide missions when there is a ideological backing to it. Judeo-christian beliefs look down upon such acts regardless of reason, while some visions of Islam and certain other ideologies embrace it.

    There is no reason a Jew can't be a terrorist (I am not anti-semetic) the methodology to the attack would just be different.

    As for Israel, I don't think it's just Isreal. The entire middle east is unstable due to long standing problems that are based mostly off of religious differences. When you have several religions sharing holy lands, there is a problem.
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    I think Israel is a great concern for world peace, but that's partly because they have American backing and can do a lot of things most other countries would not even fathom. The things that happen in the middle east are religious in nature, but that is the one way to raise people against other people most easily.

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