Ive been around the hacking community (or should i say security) for a couple of years, not to inflict damage but to have a deeper understanding of computers. i have read many hacker tales books (and cant wait for the new mitnick one) and they amaze me to no end, but the most exciting tales are from around the 1980's when they used slow pc's and even thow crappier even the best hackers used commodore 64's! for example (from the book underground) the WANK worm and the other australian hackers. A lot of people say to stay out of trouble you should build a network of your own to hack, with i have done many times, but they all state with linux or windoze boxes.
I have had an idea to make a commodore 64 network (or with similar computers) and really learn the oldskool stuff (quote from some wise man: civilisations who do not research there history's are surely doomed). I just want to know if anybody has done this before or could give me some tips.

Thanx in advance

p.s. (i have heard on an commodore 64 running apache and a website : how cool)