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Thread: AMD Athlon XP Mobile Question...

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    AMD Athlon XP Mobile Question...

    Hi all, I like to ask you about the performance of AMD Athlon XP Mobile if compared to Pentium-M, becoz my budget is not enough, so I think I want to find the cheaper laptop but good processing power. If you've got any idea, please recomm me...



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    I do not think that the processor is your major issue: AMDs work just fine. If you are looking at budget, I would concentrate more on RAM amount/type, Video capability, peripherals CD/DVD read or read/write/re-write? and the screen size/resolution.

    Remember that replacing the screen is really NOT an option with a laptop and that all components are relatively expensive to upgrade (compared to a desktop).....I guess that the screen would be the main choice factor for me?

    For example: This is a PII/ I could go upstairs and get a tower with a P4 2.26, or an Athlon 2200+............I haven't even bothered

    I could walk 30 feet (9.2Metres) across the room, and pick up the IBM PIII/533 lying there...I cannot be is not worth the effort, except that this one only has 128Mb of memory?.......and I have been upgrading the other one so it will do DVD/CD R/RW/W and it has yet to get its 60Gb HDD.

    I have upgraded a Digital PI/133 to run within 15% of this PII/266 box.

    What I am trying to say is that you really won't notice the difference unless you are doing something quite specialised.....then I would question the choice of a laptop over a desktop?

    You do not tell us what your usage requirements are? At work I would demand a moderate desktop in every location, rather than a laptop?

    Good luck, hope this helps a little, and please continue this thread until YOU are satisfied



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