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Thread: Changing File Associations

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    Changing File Associations

    Ok am running a win98 box and some rude programs have gone and taken over some of my file extensions.

    eg:: .htm, html used to open with Opera now IE has decided it wants them =/

    is there a prog to set which progs you wanted associated with what extensions or how can i do it manually??


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    Im not sure in Windows98 but in XP when you go to properties there is a button "Opens With: Change" there you can change with which program you want the file to be opened.

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    You will have to hold down shift when clicking on a file and then the open with option will appear, select the program you want to use it, and then click the box "always use this program"

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    Well doing it manually in windows 98 would be like this:
    [1] Start -- > Settings -- > Folder Options ...
    [2] Then next click on the tab which says "File Types"
    [3] Then look for the file extension for which you want to change it settings ... once you locate it simply double-click on it to change its settings ...

    Word of warning write down the settings before you change anything. Trust me it can be a pain in the ass trying to remember the settings.

    Hope that helps ...
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    dunno if this will help.. I have nearly always manually changed associations.. but sometimes..

    Couldn't find the D/L site for this old win95/98 posted it here.. it may help

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    Myself I used to use Windows Explorer > tools> folder options> file types tab,

    then gone to the relevant file e.g. .HTML, opted to change it and then gone to the line/action that says open, then click on edit, a dialogue pops up and you should be able to edit the line that says 'application used to perform action' (or something like that) to whatever .exe you want (should be able to browse to Opera - of course it helps if the .exe understands the file type.. no good using Word to open an Excel document for example).

    Its basically the same as in XP... it's just been made a little easier as noted by Memory

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    val.....find a proggy called "Total Commander" (formerly Windows Commander)...trial version is free. Right click the file in question to highlight, then from the file menu choose "associate with" and select the program you want to use from the list. This is by far the EASIEST way to change associations I have found.

    Good luck!
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    thanks for the help guys


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    All I see is flashing greenie bar all over this thread! I'm sad I took a day off from my computer yesterday! hihih!
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