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Thread: My third trogan in the past two weeks

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    Unhappy My third trogan in the past two weeks

    I run on Windows Xp home and I have now found my third Trojan of the past two weeks in this folder, C:\Program Files\Windows NT\Kernel32 , and the Trojan was named as hider.exe

    Do I need this folder our can it safely be deleted. Any information on this folder would be great.

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    third trojan in two weeks? Ok i am also a newbie and i dont know if you should remove it for certain (even though i know that normally it shouldn't be such an easy task) but..... do you use any firewall protection or antivirus software? If not consider that carefully....also consider carefully becoming a linux user.....
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    [jk]Seems you are not practicing safe computing.. get a condom..[/jk]

    I would not recomend deleteing the C:\Program Files\Windows NT Folder. If it has a subfolder Kernal32 It could be sus..

    A quick search on the file you mention yeilded the following..

    You may be best advised to D/L The Cleaner from Moosoft.. and remove the crap properly..

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    Yes I do use Norton firewall 2004 and Norton antivirus 2004. And the way I found the Trojans is from the cleaner, and yes I have deleted the trogans. I was just wondering if it was ok to delete the folder holding them because it has other files in it. I would love to linux but i have smaller ones using the computer to, and i don't think the would like if i changed the OS.

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    Have you thought about making accounts for them ? If not then maybe it might be a good idea. Here's an article that should help you do that :
    Sharing a Computer - Create User Accounts

    Also I would not recommened that you use software like Kazaa since well it's virus ridden.

    As for deleting the sub-folder humm well since I dont know much info about it. I dont know what files are within that sub-folder. I really wouldn't advise that you delete it.

    I hope this helps ....
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    hider.exe does as its name implys. it hides things. its not a trojan in itself but is used by worms and warez group hackers to hide processes they dont want you to see, like radmin, serve-u, an mIRC client just about anything. my guess is its not the third trojan you got but a third component of the first one. do an update for you AV software and do a full system scan.

    id also venture to say you firewall is not configured correctly to allow these things in

    im not familar with XPhome but i cant imagine microsoft puting system files in the "programs" directory. system32 yes but not programs. if you would, please list the other files in that directory.
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    when little ones use the computer is wise to monitor what they download and what cookies/etc that they accept, basicially secure your system down, but at the same time tell the other users to ask you before downloading or using anything suspicious.

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