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    I got a toshiba satellite 1105 laptop.I just got a linksys wireless-b router.Every thing work good with a lan wire connect.But can't git the laptop to work wireless.

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    I'm not familiar with your laptop and i don't want to insult your inteligence but have you got a wireless card on your laptop. If wifi is not built in then you will need a wifi card.
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    Yes it does have card built in.

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    Just a shot in the dark: a) check to make sure the laptop is tuned to the same channel as the router. b) Make sure the SID is the same on both devices. c) If you have WEP and Shared-Key enabled, disable them (crawl before you can walk) and go from there d) maybe the drivers\router firmware needs updating. e) are you attempting to connect inside a "lead" box, literally speaking? d)

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    BTW there is a switch which supplies power to the antenna, make sure it is on

    P.S. I dont think this is the place to post this kind of topic

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    I see no sw.But the wireless light in on.

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    Got so start--control panel---network connections

    Make sure that your Wireless connection is enabled. If it is then right click on it and select properties.

    Now do you have you router set up to be a DHCP server, or do you assign your IP's statically?

    If it's DHCP make sure that under TCP/IP then properties, that the obtain and IP automatically is checked. If you assign your IP's staticalyy then make sure your subnet and gateway information are correct.

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