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Thread: What is a good, free firewall

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    What is a good, free firewall

    I need a firewall for my computer, but I don't want to pay. What are your suggestions?

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    try ZoneAlarm, or ZoneAlarm Pro (with the aid of p2p)

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    my suggestion is search the forums. It is very easy and will yield much fruit.
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    I need a firewall for my computer
    well You didnt say how good so the only one which i know is free is ZoneAlarm but many people don't really like it
    also....check out
    Firewalls 1
    Firewalls 2
    Firewalls 3
    got all those by a simple google search
    anyways hope those helped ya out...peace


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    iptables and ipchains are by far the best free ones.

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    You could give Outpost a try.

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    I"m still trying out Kerio, but it seems to be ok and it's free.

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    Maybe you should try out some see i only give my opinions on the things i have used... like ZoneAlarm and Norton Personal Firewall...I havent used anything else because NPF has been the best one for me real happy with it and so there is no need for me to try out some other ones...not yet that is ...but from what i have heard Kerio is good (not my opinion)

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    ZoneAlarm is a good free firewall but I have had some issues with it if you want to remove it. Also if you have Windows XP it comes with a firewall that isn't great but it is better than nothing. If you are willing to spend some money Norton and McAfee have some pretty good firewalls that will save you a lot of heartache in the long run. Hope that this helps a little.

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    I prefer sygate over ZA anyday. I have never tried kerio or TINY but ive heard good things about both of those as well. Never had any problems with sygate

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