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Thread: OS Wars

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    OS Wars

    I'm interested to know what everybody thinks is the best OS. Please tell me.

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    You don't know what you are going to start with a thread like this... all out flaming, basicly. With that said, here is my answer.

    The best OS is the OS you like the best. If you like Windows, and what you can do/programs for it, use it. If you like Linux use it. If you like something else, use it. There really is no "best OS" just opinions on what the user likes. I suggest you give a few of them a try, and see which one suits your needs.



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    as with you other question , i suggest you search the forums
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    Best OS for what?

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    The best operating system is the mind. It makes its own decisions and does not require others to tell it what to do. It is self-adapting, self-healing, self-defending, and infinitely complex. Add to that the creation of self-awarneness and the ability to create lesser operating systems, try them all, and find out which one works best to suit it, and you have by far the greatest operating system ever concieved.
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    OS's complicate things with their "GUIs", "Ease of use" and "Functionallity". I hark to the days of olde (the e is for added nostalgic value) where the machine was controlled through an intricate system of punch cards and pagan sacrifices.

    Therefore in my opinion, there is no such thing as the "best OS".

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    It's easy. If I can boot it, open a browser and download pr0n from any number of services I am happy. I mean I am not worried about security. Go ahead... steal my pr0n, warez or lame code. There is nothing else you will find interesting except for the schlong in a hot dog bun.

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