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Thread: Debugging My Film Scanner

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    Question Debugging My Film Scanner

    Recently while online my flatbed film scanner turned on without my prompting. The Canon software turned on and loaded several screens, blocking the net page I was on. I cancelled the action and it repeated moments later. Even while I'm offline the same thing happens, which leads me to believe spyware has been planted in the scanner. What I am forced to do is to disconnect the scanner from the puter except when I am actually scanning something.

    I have TDS-3, Spybot S&D and Spyhunter. So far, none of these programs has rooted out the bug when scanner is connected to the puter. Any ideas on how I can debug my scanner and stop this annoying action?


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    Stills sounds like your infected with something.

    What OS are you using ?
    Can you tell us what processes are running on your computer ?

    [1]Up-date your antivirus software and give it a full system scan. Make sure that you scan all files.
    [2]If you antivirus software doesn't detect anything then try this site:
    Trojan Scanner
    Operation Cyberslam
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    Microsoft Shared Computer Toolkit
    Proyecto Ututo EarthCam

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    You could try to remove the scanner drivers completely and reinstall/update the drivers. This should be a good first step....Good Luck.
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    thats pretty interesting, id personnally do what Wazz said and remove the drivers, its not an impossible task to reserve engineer a driver to make the device do something a bit different, I once did it with a USB webcam to slow the capture rate down.

    So reinstall drivers.

    I dont think that theres much on your actual scanner because it would be very difficult to program a device like that using the standard interface, they tend to use DSP (digital signal processors) that have to be flashed with a proper cable or jtag (Joint Test Action Group), this sort of thing doesnt tend to be left in the actual board inside the scanner as it costs the manufacturer more money. Also theres very little space usually left, although it depends on how its done.

    Also try reinstalling the usb drivers

    start ---> settings --->control panel---->system---->hardware---->device manager--->mark and remove----->restart and it should pick them up and reinstall them, make sure you have the windows and any other driver disks at hand

    hope that helps, let us no if you make any progress


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