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Thread: Wifi hacking tutorial (insert here)

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    Wifi hacking tutorial (insert here)

    ive seen a lot of stuff about wifi, but its all to general. Id like to see someone breakdown there wifi hacking procedures relative to their own experiences. In my opinion wifi is the way of the future. Cant wait to get the pringles antenna working.

    thanx in advance

    p.s. when i finish my wifi experiences i will post a in depth tutorial

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    This forum is for your original tutorials. Not tutorial requests, I suggest you delete it and move it to another forum that you feel it would fit in, before an administrator or moderator does.


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    Id like to see someone breakdown there wifi hacking procedures relative to their own experiences
    let me get this straight..... You want one of this site's members to write a step-by-step instruction for you on you can illegally gain access to a wireless network that you aren't authorized to access. Is that right? Im just going on your wording here. You probably would have gotten a decent response from people here had you not gone and made yourself sound like a complete jackass. Why would anybody here spend their valuable time writing out a dumbed-down explanation that a scriptkiddie like you could understand, so that you can go out and wreak havok on the networks of innocent and most likely law abiding individuals? If after 30 posts, this is still the level of intelligence and courtesy we can expect from you, maybe you should try going to a more specifically scriptkiddie focused forum. If you feel like posting in this thread again, Id love to hear more about your opinion that wifi is the future and the brilliant explanation that I assume would come with it.

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    *Sigh* It's coming up on 3 years that I've been an AO member, and nothing ever seems to change...

    Maybe that's just the human condition.

    Let's try this one more time:

    READ THE FORUM RULES, THE STICKYS, THE FAQS, whatever you want to call it, BEFORE POSTING!

    I apologize to all intelligent human beings for taking up your time.



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