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Thread: Linux me plz

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    Linux me plz

    Hello dears...... I just insatlled Linux 6.2 but I lost my privous Operting system(WindowsXP). I installed linux on MBR. I want to boot both of the OS. Now my computer is booting with linux boot disk... I have been try linuxconf command in linux mode, I cant configure linux LILO...
    i) I want to boot both OS with boot menu.............
    ii) Linux boots from floppy but in command prompt not in GUI mode...why??? how can I boot linux in GUI mode like windows OS....... Any sugestion plz
    Hello Dear..

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    Linux 6.2? You mean, Red Hat 6.2? Is it possible you erased Windows XP (do you know if it still exists?).

    It sounds like, when you installed, you told linux to put the boot portion on floppy rather than on the hard drive (MBR or first sector). Do you remember which one you did?
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    Your XP is no longer, be the linux.....

    .....Brain Failure....dumping core.... z z z

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    It sounds like you've rid yourself of your xp
    Linux is actually a wonderful environment so try it out, but if you want to have both:
    partition your hard drive into two parts and install xp to one and linux to the other, then at your boot screen you will be able to select your os

    For Linux help try this:

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    My favorite Linux page of links...just about everything I had questions on, I found answers here..

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