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Thread: Recording Desktop

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    Recording Desktop

    I am looking to make some short vids on how to do different things so instead of having to simply tell people go to blah >> blah > blah I can actually show them

    i do not need to display the whole desktop so i need something where i can either specify an area to capture or something that captures as images that I can then merge into a vid once i have cutout the neccessary bits.

    Am using win98


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    Why not use Alt+PrtScreen and paste into word/wordpad, thats how I usuallly make guides...

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    What you're looking is HyperCam

    Link :

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    good job SDK right on the money


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    another alternative

    if ur not pleased with hypercam and its interface i can refer u to another alternative that may do what u want as well. it's called softcam and they have versions for XP and windows 98/me/2000 etc etc. u can check it out here

    i also use another prog called snagit from techsmith to do screen captures. it also has video capture feature on it the url for that prog is

    good luck

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