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Thread: Understanding Network Security *title modified by MsM*

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    howdy everyone

    can anyone tell me what is the best process in order to fully understand network securities?

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    mdr0001, I've moved your post from Roll Call to Newbie Security (since threads in Roll Call cannot be answered to).

    As for your post it's a rather broad topic. I don't think there is every a way to "full understand network securities[sic]". Personally I would suggestion the following:

    - Understand the OS you like best
    - Understand how to secure that specific OS
    - Understand how networks work (TCP/IP, media, etc.)
    - Understand the flaws in the OS, networks (layout, protocols, etc.)
    - Put it all together.

    This takes time and there is no one source to answer all this "knowledge" that is needed. Rather you'd need to spend some time on each facet. Understanding the OSes and protocols are usually good places to start. Using google to find resources or looking through the posts here will probably give you a start.
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    Thank you so much Mittens. I will take your advice.

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