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Thread: NewsArticle #11

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    NewsArticle #11

    Well im doing part of the Newsarticle insight #11 for MsMittens
    I'll be writing about new softwares and updates for pretty much anything
    Would just like to ask if anyone knew where i could check some of those new sofwares out
    I'm planing to test most of them and also give my opinion on them

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    Try going to the store

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    hmm i have 1 suggestion

    this software is not new but it's one that not many know about that might interest you for testing purposes, but the problem is you cannot effectively use it unless you pay for it. If i knew a reverse software engineer I'd ask him or her to hex edit this prog for me, cuz I have used it before in a different format known as human click and it's really a cool program if you actually can get it to work.

    basically what it does is monitor visitors on your homepage and discloses small amount of info about the visitors such as IP browser etc etc., but it also allows you to have a personal chat with visitors in a 1 on 1 session as well which i thought was kinda cool.

    The name of the prog is called Live Person Pro 6.1 build 5918 for personal use and can be downloaded here:

    it makes you register and then it assigns u a personal 8 digit code. You have to have ur own webpage to use it with. You basically script the html code on your webpage and once you connect to the server it monitors your webpage like a hit counter essentially.

    I thought it was one of the coolest progs out there. it's really designed for corporate use, but personal users can use it also it jus cost too much for my wallet though. lemme know if u decide to test it.


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    thanks but i really need the new software...ill help myself out but thanks anways

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