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Thread: Moderators To Delete Negative Posts

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    Moderators To Delete Negative Posts

    I think we have a very good way of controlling negative posts from users,but however these "How Do I Hack.." posts are not deleted they are just closed and go suicidal and when ur looking thru "Newbie Security Questions" there seems to be alot of these posts mounting up and we are getting alot of suicidal threads clogging up our forums where we are looking for good computer information.

    I think that the forum moderators should delete some suicidal threads like:
    "How Do I Hack Hotmail",
    but i think that some of the suicidal threads here are humourous and there should be a new forum created called: "funny but negative threads".

    But the humourous thread idea is just an idea i had it could be a waste of users time and a waste of space,any input welcomed..

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    We have a Tech Humor forum and those threads can be usefull, let's say a newbie "cracker" come to AO and wants to learn to crack, ok he searches the forums and finds a thread "how can i hack AIM password" he looks in it and sees the thread starter is mostly always banned and the replies are very good advice, so he would not start another thread about this because he saw what happened to earlier threads.

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    thank you..

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    I have also seen a number of legitimate and interesting threads go "suicidal" because a Troll has been posting nonsense to it and getting negged.


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    I know they do a good job as things stand, but it might be nice to have a button that lets you just flag a thread for a moderator's attention - perhaps only accessible by senior members or addicts, or based on AntiPoints or something like that... it would help keep the forums a little cleaner, and make the mod's (read: Ennis') job a little easier.



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    The 'report' button is available on each post to alert admins (not sure if it goes to the mods as well) to offensive/spam content. I used it once for someone who'd posted something really offensive (I think they were taking the mick out of people with illnesses or something along those lines) and it got deleted fairly sharpish.
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    The report button does go to all mods. Often we don't kill "negative" threads as they can be used to show members what not to do as well as open the discussion. As individuals, you can steer people towards other options (other than how to break into someone's machine).

    Believe it or not, there is a large misconception it is ok to break into a system but not take data. People just are not aware of the ramifications of their actions. So rather than negging the person, flaming them or demeaning them, why not talk to them and see if you can help them in other ways? (redirect their energy). The few posts I've seen recently were by "first posters" (as in, this was their first post). Some people get so excited about a particular idea or train of thought they do not RTFM or read the FAQ either. In addition, due to the media, they believe that what they are doing is a "noble endeavour" (that is, breaking into a system = hacking).

    They will continue their activities whether here or elsewhere if the threads are deleted or negged to suicide. But perhaps a few can have their eyes opened to other options or avenues.
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